Common Application Writing Supplement

The Notre Dame Writing Supplement to the Common Application

You must submit the Notre Dame Writing Supplement in addition to the Common Application’s First Year Application; this form is available to registered members of the Common Application and must be completed online. The Writing Supplement is submitted separately after the application.

The Writing Supplement for First Year applicants seeking Fall 2015 enrollment will include the following directions:

Your responses will be read by Notre Dame admissions staff as we seek to learn more about you. We encourage you to use personal examples, anecdotes, or anything that helps differentiate you from your peers.

Please provide a response between 150 and 200 words to the following question. (required)

  • Why Notre Dame? 

Please select two of the following four prompts and provide a response between 150 and 200 words to each. 

  • A good story starts with a good beginning. Get us hooked in the first 150 words.
  • Blessed Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, described education as “the art of helping young people to completeness.” How are you incomplete?
  • Notre Dame students are encouraged to learn through discovery by interacting with the world around them. Describe your ideal intellectual field trip.
  • Initiate an in-person conversation with someone whom you've never met but who you think might be interesting. What did you learn about that person or yourself?