Author: Randi McQueen

Rome Global Gateway Exterior

Luckily for me along with hundreds of other adventurous Domers, Notre Dame boasts several international campuses. Although the Notre Dame Rome Global Gateway caters to the architecture students primarily, other study abroad students from Notre Dame take classes here as well. Located on Via Ostilia, just a block away from the Colosseum, the Rome Global Gateway building is only two years old! We spend a lot of our time here working on projects and taking classes, so let me show you around...


Design Studio

Three days a week the architecture students meet from 2:00pm to 6:00pm for Design Studio with our three wonderful professors: Krupali Krusche, Ettore Mazzola, and Selena Anders. Located on the third floor, this room is beautifully lit with large (and operable) windows. There is nothing quite like literally looking outside of your window sitting from your desk for inspiration from the mixed-use buildings next door. This gorgeous workspace is a major upgrade from the sophomore studio in Bond Hall!

Rome Architecture Studio 1       Rome Architecture Studio 2



Since we live in a hotel without cooking facilities, the Rome Global Gateway is equipped with a full double kitchen on the first floor. Each month, we are given meal stipends to supplement the cost of groceries, which are very affordable in Rome. Many people eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the Global Gateway building due to its convenience. Small group dinners have become a new nightly ritual for many. Due to its convenient urban location, it is easy to grab a panini, go to the grocery, or find a nice restaurant to eat in all within a block’s distance as well.

Rome Global Gateway Kitchen


Personally, my favorite aspect of the Rome Global Gateway is the terrace space. In addition to an adjoining courtyard, there are both large second floor and roof terraces where you can take a nap, Facetime your family, or work on homework when it is sunny outside. At the beginning of the year, the Global Gateway even hosted a couple of banquets in the courtyard space, Italian appetizers included!

 Rome Global Gateway Terrace

Rome Global Gateway Terrace Sunset

Other Academic Rooms

Other than the studio, there is also a library, a small computer room equipped with architectural printers, and a few classrooms for lectures and reviews. 

We have everything we could possibly need here to make beautiful projects plus we are constantly surrounded by inspiration everywhere every single day. It is practically an aspiring architect’s dream come true studying in such an enriching place.