Statement from Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment 
Don Bishop to Incoming Gateway Students

You are part of a talented group of students from across the country, many of whom will become dear friends. This group of incoming Gateway students has an academic profile that places among the top 25 to 35 universities/colleges in the nation.

Over the coming months, our enrollment office at Notre Dame will provide important details on housing, course registration, and orientation. Previous Gateway students are excited to act as mentors to you throughout the summer and the academic year.

It is important to address another issue with you. As you might have already seen, there have been several recent stories in the news media about Holy Cross. Holy Cross College has retained their accreditation. Colleges typically are accredited every ten years. In the accreditation report, several financial concerns were identified by the credentialing commission. I want to assure you that Holy Cross is actively developing a robust, long-term financial plan to address the cited needs.

Notre Dame is committed to ensuring the quality of the Gateway Program, which will continue in its current form. All of the elements of the program are in place for the 2017-18 academic year.

Gateway Class Profile

  • The overall academic profile of the enrolling Gateway students rank similar to the medians for universities/colleges rated among the top 25 to 35 in the nation
  • Median High School Performance: Top 4% of high school
  • Median National Test Score: Top 5%
  • Admissions Committee Rating on Leadership and Service: Rating relates to students most often identified as in the very top of leadership and service in their high school
  • 25 different academic majors indicated
  • Class represents 23 states and countries

Statement from Interim President of Holy Cross College Rev. David Tyson, C.S.C. to the Holy Cross College Community

As you may know, Holy Cross was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) in the fall of 2016 for 10 years, the maximum amount of time allowed. We are pleased with the HLC’s reaffirmation and recognition of the work we are doing to educate our students.

The college was evaluated on 21 criteria, and Holy Cross was given recommended follow-up steps on two: student learning assessment and financial stability. The faculty, led by Dr. Justin Watson, have been working to develop a yearly monitoring report to assess student learning beyond the processes we already employ. 

The HLC also requested that the college develop a four-year financial plan, due next month, to address its financial stability concerns. The financial risks the HLC specifically identified were the college’s dependence on short-term lines of credit, the redirection of restricted gifts to balance budgets and finance its operations, and its reliance on long-term debt to fund growth.

The Board of Trustees has been exploring independent initiatives to help Holy Cross stabilize its financial position. The Holy Cross College Board approached the University of Notre Dame with a proposal that the university purchase 75 acres of land owned by Holy Cross College and the Brothers of Holy Cross and lease it back to the college. An agreement on all sides has been reached and will be submitted for final review and approval by the members of the Corporation, the Congregation of Holy Cross Superior General, and the Holy See. 

The Holy Cross Board is confident that this arrangement will provide Holy Cross with the capital needed to stabilize the college’s finances, as well as allow the Board and administration the opportunity to plan for a successful future.

You may have heard alarming rumors and opinions, but please know that the Board of Trustees and I are fully committed to the success of Holy Cross College. Your patience and loyalty are valued and appreciated, and I thank you for all that you do to make Holy Cross College the unique educational experience it is.

If you would like further details, the full press release is available on the Holy Cross website at