Our standards are high. But that’s why you’re here. 

To present a competitive application, you must:

  • Have completed and earned a B or better in the two math, two natural science, and one English composition courses required by your prospective college. Please note that online and distance-learning courses are not transferable.
  • A competitive college GPA. In recent years, the average GPA for admitted students is 3.70.  
  • Outstanding high school academics, including SAT or ACT scores.
  • 27 transferable credits at a 4-year accredited institution. Credits will only transfer if a B or better has been earned.
  • A well-crafted personal statement explaining your interest in Notre Dame, your academic and professional goals, and how transferring to Notre Dame can help you achieve them.

Courses Required

Admission to the college to which you apply is contingent upon enrollment in the proper curriculum. Therefore, you will not be allowed to change to another college at the University during your first year at Notre Dame.

Carefully review the following for the required curriculum for your intended college: