College of Arts & Letters Transfer Requirements

Appropriate course selection is one of the most important factors in presenting a strong transfer application. The Transfer Admissions Committee requires students to complete the math and natural science requirements specified below. Admission to the College of Arts and Letters is contingent upon enrollment in a liberal arts curriculum. Therefore, admitted students will not be allowed to change to another college at the University during their first year, and will not be allowed to transfer into the Mendoza College of Business at any time. Students intending to major in Arts and Letters Pre-Health Studies must indicate their intent on their transfer application.

A student applying for admission as a sophomore in a liberal arts curriculum should complete Notre Dame’s First Year program of 30 semester hours which includes:

Mathematics* Two courses: 6 semester hours total (each course must be at least 3 semester hours or 4 trimester hours) of any combination of Calculus I or II, Algebra-based Statistics, or Finite Mathematics**.
Economics majors must complete Calculus I and Calculus II. If you are uncertain whether a particular mathematics course fulfills the requirement, please submit an electronic copy of the course syllabus to
Natural Science Two courses: 6 semester hours total (each course must be at least 3 semester hours or 4 trimester hours) of any combination of Introductory Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc. No laboratory is required.
English Composition 3 semester hours
History 3 semester hours
Social Science 3 semester hours of Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, or Economics.
Other 9 semester hours total of Philosophy, Theology, Foreign Language***, or Transferable Electives. (Transferable electives are typically any courses from the subject areas listed in this guide).

In addition to the courses listed above, a student applying for admission as a junior should typically have completed:

History or Social Science 3 semester hours
Literature 3 semester hours
Fine Arts 3 semester hours
Foreign Language 9 semester hours
Transferable Electives 15 semester hours of courses taken in any of the subject areas listed above.

*Mathematics-There are some college-level math classes that do not fulfill the requirements for transferring, including precalculus, college algebra, and many statistics courses.

**Finite Mathematics (3 semester hours) = Fundamental principles of counting systematically, probability, statistics, linear programming, optimization problems, game theory, and mathematical finance. Other topics that may be covered include population problems, difference equations and modeling, and coding information.

***Credit for foreign language courses may require a placement test.