College of Science Transfer Requirements

Although the College of Science reviews both sophomore and junior applicants, it prefers to admit incoming sophomores. The College has found that junior transfer students often have more difficulty making the academic adjustment to Notre Dame because they lack a common science background. Since sophomores complete more of their science courses at Notre Dame, they often have a stronger science foundation in their major programs. To evaluate your credits, the Transfer Admissions Committee requires a copy of the syllabus and a course description for each course on your final transcript.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students intending to major in Preprofessional Studies, Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry must take a semester of Organic Chemistry with lab before entering Notre Dame. This applies even if you have taken a full year of General Chemistry at your current school. Without Organic Chemistry I completed, you will be out of sequence with Notre Dame’s science program. Enrolling in and completing a summer course in Organic Chemistry may be a helpful option. This summer course would need to be completed before matriculating to Notre Dame. Math and Physics majors have the option of completing this requirement at Notre Dame.

Grades less than B are not indicative of academic success for the College of Science at Notre Dame. Please plan your schedule accordingly. Please see majors below for more details.

Biological Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Neuroscience and Behavior
Preprofessional Studies
Students who have completed the First Year Coursework that closely mirrors Notre Dame's First Year Coursework will be more competitive in the transfer admissions process. Please be aware that the College does not favor substituting Sophomore courses for those required in the First Year.

Currently the following are not open to transfer students:

  • Science Business (SCBU)
  • Chemistry Business (CHBU)
  • Actuary Minor (MACT)
  • Mathematics Business concentration (MATH/BUSA)