Mendoza College of Business 

Appropriate course selection is one of the most important factors in presenting a strong transfer application. The Transfer Admissions Committee requires students to complete the math and economics requirements specified below. Admission to the Mendoza College of Business is contingent upon enrollment in a business curriculum. Therefore, admitted students will not be allowed to change to another college at the University during their first year.

A student applying for admission as a sophomore must complete the curriculum requirements for Notre Dame’s First Year of Studies which includes:

Mathematics* Two courses: 6 semester hours total (must complete Calculus I and Statistics for Business.)
Natural Science Two courses: 6 semester hours total (any combination of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc.) No laboratory is required.
Economics* 3 semester hours of Principles of Microeconomics
English Composition 3 semester hours
Other 12 semester hours total of Philosophy, Theology, History, or Social Science (e.g. Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology)

*required courses for all business transfer students