Sean Costello

Transferred from Brown University

Entered Notre Dame Fall 2013 as a sophomore
Graduates Spring 2016


My freshman year I chose a big name Ivy League school over Notre Dame because I thought the name would be enough. It wasn't.

There is no other place in the world like Notre Dame. 

You can feel it immediately when you step onto Notre Dame’s campus: there is an overwhelming sense of tradition—and not a distant, closed-off tradition open only to those who attended all four years or who were students years ago. Rather, it is something instantaneous that inexplicably sweeps you up into it, and calls you a part of it from the second you arrive, no matter when that is. 

The community here will welcome you home with open arms and you will, from day one, become an irreplaceable part of the family and the greatness that is Notre Dame.

I promise you that you cannot find this anywhere else.

Lindsay Karcher

Transferred from Emory University

Entered Notre Dame Fall 2013 as a sophomore
Graduates Spring 2016

At Emory University my freshman year, I found myself looking for a school with a different atmosphere and culture. I knew Emory wasn’t the right school for me. 


I decided on Notre Dame because of the friendly student body, a student body that supports each other and the school we attend. Transferring isn’t a walk in the park, but as you meet more and more people you will find your place at ND. 

My favorite part of Notre Dame is the Center for Social Concerns (CSC). I went to Appalachia over fall break with another transfer and a great group of people. It was a wonderful way to serve and to meet other ND people who are really amazing. My Appalachia experience inspired me to do an International Summer Service Learning Program in Ghana. Next Spring I’ll spend the semester in London. 

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for transferring to Notre Dame. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and I’m excited to see the new things that my future brings at the best school in the world.