Clubs and Organizations


Whether your interest is academic, musical, ethnic, ministerial, artistic, journalistic, or social, you’re sure to find plenty of ways to explore it as a student at Notre Dame. The Student Activities Office, student groups, and Student Union Board provide hundreds of outlets and venues for student organized meetings and events.


Legends, an on-campus restaurant, bar and club is host to many student activities. A list of all events happening on campus can be found at Generally, students find themselves choosing not only between work and play, but discerning between several different options for activities outside studying.


Student participation makes campus life more enjoyable for everyone. Not only are student efforts responsible for the daily publication of an independent newspaper, the running of massive hall government, and the broadcast of a radio station, but the Circle K service club has been named the most outstanding one in its district for five of its seven years, proving that student efforts reach beyond the quads and into the larger community.