The Experience 

Over the course of this weekend visit, you will get a taste of what life at Notre Dame is like and hopefully come to understand why we say, “Nowhere else but Notre Dame”. You will have the opportunity to tour campus, sit in on classes, attend social events, meet with financial aid administrators, ask current students questions in an informal setting, and experience Notre Dame traditions such as Mass at the Basilica. For a better idea of the activities you should look forward to, please refer to the visit agenda below:

February Tentative Schedule

Juan Rangel, Class of 2015

Hometown: Kerman, California
Major: Political Science & Latino Studies


The Spring Visit Weekend was an amazing opportunity to meet other prospective students undergoing the same difficult process of deciding which college to go to. Four years later, some of those same students I met are some of my closest friends. It also allowed me to completely immerse myself into the college culture by attending classes, staying in dorms, and meeting faculty and administrators. When I came back in August, I felt more prepared than I ever anticipated because of this weekend. As I prepare to graduate, fond memories of Spring Vis still inevitably enter my mind and remind me that this program will always have a special place in my heart.


Ashley Kyalwazi, Class of 2018

Hometown: Sacramento, California
Major: Neuroscience and Behavior


ND Spring Visit is like the exhibition game before an undefeated season . . . the warm up before the championship game. I need not say more but I will! Spring Vis was an amazing experience that allowed me to get a feel for the beautiful campus, place myself in the shoes of current students, and most importantly connect with other prospective students who were going through the same college process that I was. During Spring Vis, you have so many opportunities to go to fun campus-sponsored events and classes; however, I believe that the lasting value of the program (the reason why you can't help but to look back after your three-day experience and smile) is the people that make up the program. I am still friends with the majority of the people who were on my Spring Vis, and whenever we get together it's always a good time. ND Spring Vis is the time to open up your minds to endless possibilities; to picture yourself as a Domer, and as a part of a new and exciting community. #HomeUndertheDome