Spring Visit Travel Instructions and Tips

Travel Details

All participants must arrive and depart on the dates issued by the University. We cannot accommodate visits for only one or two days of the weekend. Please be aware that you will need to miss two days of school.

We will set-up and cover the expense of your trip to campus. If you will be traveling by air, the information you provide on the online registration form will be forwarded to our travel agent, who will book your ticket. Airline tickets will be issued electronically in an email after reservations are made by Anthony Travel, the official travel partner of Notre Dame. Upon your arrival, at the airport, you will be greeted by a staff member from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Transportation from the airport to campus will be provided.

Students who live in the immediate area of Notre Dame are asked to arrange a ride to campus. Tolls and gas mileage will be reimbursed. Students from the broader region around Notre Dame may be asked to take the bus, train, or South Shore line to campus – we will cover the ticket expense. Transportation from the train station to campus will be provided.

Unfortunately, we are not able to cover any expenses for other family members who wish to come along for the program. However, if a relative plans their own travel to accompany you, please notify us so we can coordinate some activities for them while they are on campus.

Flight Itinerary

If you are flying, make sure you print a copy of the flight itinerary that was sent to you by Anthony Travel and take it with you. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR FLIGHT ITINERARY FROM ANTHONY TRAVEL, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. The flight itinerary will be your travel reference for the weekend and is very important. Be sure to check your itinerary carefully and know exactly what time your flight departs, name of airline, departure and arrival airport.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive at the airport at least two hours before you are scheduled to depart. If traffic is a problem in your area, make sure to take that into account when you are deciding when to leave your home for the airport.

State-Issued Photo Identification

You will need to show a state-issued photo identification in order to get through security. Don’t forget your driver’s license or passport or state ID. You cannot board a flight without one. If you are under the age of 18 you can use a school ID. If you are 18 or older and do not have a state-issued ID you will not be able to board the airplane.

Airline Tickets

The airline tickets we issued are electronic tickets. When you arrive at the airline counter to obtain your boarding passes, inform the airline representative of your name and to which city you are flying. He/she will confirm your reservation, ask you to show your ID, and print your boarding passes.

Airport Arrival and Baggage

When you arrive at the Chicago airport, proceed directly to the baggage claim area. Our staff will be waiting to greet you at a table near the baggage claim. A member of the admissons staff will great you at the airport. Once you retrieve your luggage, you will be escorted to the shuttle bus that will transport you to campus. 

Campus Arrival

Once you arrive at Notre Dame, members of the Spring Visit Committee will meet you at the Golden Dome and escort you to the check-in area. We suggest that you take your host’s phone number with you, and call your host when you are close to the campus, so they can greet you when you arrive. Your host will be contacting you before your visit to exchange phone numbers.

Driving to Campus

Those who live within driving distance of Notre Dame are eligible for reimbursement of the trip to South Bend (maximum 400 miles total) at $.535 per mile plus the cost of tolls.
Helpful Notes:

  • Check-in is between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on Saturday in the lobby of the Hesburgh Library. Please plan on arriving within this timeframe.
  • Enter campus using the Main Entrance on Notre Dame Avenue (detailed campus map):
    • At the first intersection, turn right onto Holy Cross Drive
    • Continue until Holy Cross Drive ends at Leahy Drive
    • Turn left onto Leahy Drive
    • From Leahy Drive, turn left onto the Hesburgh Library access drive.
    • From the circle drive at the east entrance of the Hesburgh Library, you can unload luggage, but vehicles cannot be left unattended. Short-term parking is permitted in any "B" or "D" lot along Leahy Drive, Wilson Drive, and Bulla Road. 
  • Keep track of miles driven and tolls paid for reimbursement purposes. After your trip to Notre Dame, you will receive a form via email to document miles and request a reimbursement. 
  • As a reminder, programming runs late Monday night. Drivers are expected to check out and depart Tuesday morning.

Parking on Campus

If you plan to park your car at the University, you will need a parking permit. Please let us know immediately if you plan to park your car during your stay and we will have a parking permit prepared. The guard at the gate will provide the permit to you when you arrive to place on your car windshield.  You will need to park in one of the student parking lots. Please note that visiting students will not be permitted to drive their vehicle at any time during their stay.

What to Pack

You will receive a detailed packing list in the weeks leading up to your visit. Please do not over pack. Remember, you are here for only three days, so pack accordingly. Ideally, you should only bring one piece of luggage that you can carry on with you onto the airplane to avoid baggage fees. We recommend one MEDIUM SIZED piece of luggage. You need to pack lightly so that you can carry your luggage easily on your own. If you check luggage, there is a fee for each piece of luggage checked. You will be reimbursed for one piece of checked luggage, but the reimbursement will not be issued until two-three weeks after the weekend, so you will need to cover the baggage fee up front for both your trip to Notre Dame AND your return home. You will need to have at least $50.00 to cover the luggage fee if you check your bag.

Please bring a sleeping bag and pillow to use during the weekend, unless you make other arrangements with your host. Your host will be contacting you between Monday and Wednesday evenings. If you do not hear from your host by Wednesday evening, please email lsaddler@nd.edu, and we will make sure your host makes contact with you.

Dress and Local Weather

The dress is casual for most of the weekend activities. The closing dinner on Saturday evening is more formal – what you might wear to church. It is acceptable for the male students to wear ties. Daytime temperatures are expected to range from 45 degrees on Thursday to 75 degrees on Sunday. We strongly suggest bringing a coat, hat, and gloves. If adequate winter gear is a concern, please email svw@nd.edu.


If you have not completed, signed, and sent the Spring Visit required forms, please do this as soon as possible BEFORE you travel to campus. You can scan the signed documents and email them to svw@nd.edu (preferred), or you can fax them to LeShane Saddler at 574-631-8865. If you have already sent the forms, thank you.