Notre Dame – Holy Cross Gateway Program


The Gateway Program invites select students to enroll at Holy Cross College (Notre Dame, Indiana) for their first year of college with a guaranteed transfer agreement to Notre Dame for the start of the student’s sophomore year.

Each semester, Gateway students take a coordinated program of honors courses at Holy Cross, which have been specifically designed to complete Notre Dame’s First Year of Studies curriculum, and one course at Notre Dame, which will be selected in consultation with the Director of Academic Advising at Holy Cross and an Academic Advisor in Notre Dame's First Year of Studies.

Gateway students are guaranteed transfer admission following completion of their first year, as long as their cumulative GPA is 3.5 or higher, and all grades are a B or higher, and they are in good standing with both institutions.

Engaging in both the Notre Dame and Holy Cross communities truly gives Gateway students a four-year collegiate experience. Our Gateway students share a special bond and they are proud to be in the program. Taking full advantage of the many clubs and activities on both campuses allows them to enjoy their first year at Holy Cross and be fully prepared for a seamless transition to Notre Dame.

Students’ First-Year Experience

ND Band

While being enrolled full-time as a student at Holy Cross, Gateway students are encouraged to actively participate in activities in the Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross communities. Gateway students are welcome to participate in Notre Dame clubs and activities, including the Notre Dame Marching Band, Campus Ministry, Center for Social Concerns, and Rec Sports. While Notre Dame hosts a large Student Activities Fair each September to which all students of the Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross communities are invited, Gateway students are encourage to take the initiative all year long to participate in new opportunities.

Holy Cross College program directors will assist students in enrollment, course selection, and housing. Housing is guaranteed for the student’s first year at Holy Cross and Gateway students will have first priority among transfer students in the on-campus housing lottery at Notre Dame.


The Notre Dame Admissions Office will meet with Gateway students after their first semester at Holy Cross to review their progress toward meeting the requirements of the program. At the end of the spring semester of the student’s first year, grades for both semesters will be reviewed along with a personal assessment by Holy Cross program directors on the student’s residential and social record at Holy Cross. Provided the student is in good standing with the agreement on academic performance and did not have any student conduct code violations, the student will be informed by the end of May of their admission to Notre Dame.