Welcome Home: Letters from the Notre Dame Community

Welcome Home, Class of 2025!

Below are letters from members of the Notre Dame community featured in the Welcome Home newsletter for admitted students. 


From Director of Admissions Christy M. Pratt

Greetings from the University of Notre Dame! 

This is the second time I have the pleasure of officially welcoming you to the Notre Dame family. In your offer of admission, I commended you on your many accomplishments and I hope you have taken some time to celebrate and reflect on all you have achieved. 

The world needs people like you. In challenging times, when a global pandemic, continued social unrest, and economic uncertainty have altered life as we know it, we can all find hope and joy in the bright future ahead of you.

The Class of 2025 is intelligent, creative, resilient, and wonderfully diverse. As director of admissions, I understand the long road, hard work, and many successes that led you to your admission to Notre Dame and my staff and I are so proud of you, and the entire Class of 2025. Despite the uneasy climate in which we find ourselves, remember that your success is worth celebrating. Acknowledge, too, the people who helped you get where you are today—the family, teachers, friends, and teammates who supported you along the way.

As a Notre Dame student you now have even more support behind you as you make the transition to college: You are part of the Notre Dame family.

It is that connection that we endeavor to carry to you via this email newsletter. We would normally invite you to campus, roll out the blue and gold carpet for you, and celebrate your success together.

Instead, I invite you to join us for a special Restrictive Early Action Virtual Celebration. If you have not done so already, please check your email for your invitation and further details. We have a fun, informative evening planned and look forward to celebrating with you and your new classmates.

You may also connect with us via the Welcome Home site, which is your best resource for up-to-date information. We'll reach out with further virtual opportunities via this weekly newsletter and you can find us on social media any time. 

In the meantime, I extend warm wishes on behalf of the campus community: Welcome to the Notre Dame family. Welcome home!

Christy M. Pratt
Director of Undergraduate Admissions

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A Letter from Sarah Price, Class of 2021

Remember life before COVID-19? It feels like forever ago when we could see a stranger's full face in the grocery store, sit right beside our best friend at lunch, or even have classes in person. 

Honestly, the struggles of learning during a pandemic have brought forth a new level of uncertainty in everyone's lives.

For many of the incoming Class of 2025, this uncertainty is revealed as the rites of senior year are slowly stripped away. Homecoming, crowded football and basketball games, field trips, winter dances, prom, awards ceremonies, and other events seem to have become traditions of the past.

But through these trials and tribulations, the Class of 2025 has been molded with the knowledge, foresight, and adaptability necessary to weather any storm.

The Class of 2025 knows more about epidemiology, viral transmission, and public health than any high school senior class before them. Not only has the pandemic riddled every news source and dinner table conversation, it has entered science, history, and probably even your math classes.

You've seen how seemingly unconnected topics are actually intertwined. You know all about the current state of our world, nation, and society. Through this experience, you have become more informed, more responsible, a better student and young adult.

The Class of 2025 knows more about appreciating the present than any high school senior before them. The hardships that have been thrown at you have made it clear that something small or seemingly manageable can quickly derail other things that may seem unrelated but are actually connected. For example, when a trip to the grocery store becomes a matter of life and death for the most vulnerable among us, your need for toothpaste becomes much more than a desire to avoid plaque.

The Class of 2025, to my belief, will be more spontaneous, resilient, and thick-skinned than any incoming class before them. You've gone through more rapid and unpredictable transitions in this past year than many people do in their entire life. This has made you adaptable, and whether you are adaptable in class, debate team, sports, jobs, or just life in general—that is one of the hardest traits to develop.

This skill will be incredibly useful as you open up this new chapter in your life and are faced with new challenges and opportunities. Looking at life with honest foresight and facing it with tenacity will allow you to seize the day—carpe diem.

That's what this is all about, right? Carpe diem!

So, that begs the question, what are you going to do with your life?

Will your senior year of high school inspire you to change your occupational dreams or fight twice as hard for them? 

Will this new appreciation for the present encourage you to reach out to more classmates, professors, or staff?

Will your newfound adaptability prove that even when you fall, you just gain a new perspective on the issue at hand?

The Class of 2025 is faced with a choice in the face of our current challenges. This time in your life isn’t about whether things will be back to normal before prom, or if graduation will take place via the internet. 

Instead, ask yourself: Will I seize this day, the next, and every one after?

Sarah Price '21
Economics, Africana Studies
Mount Laurel, NJ

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