International Admissions Reminders

Financial Documents

Please note that all international students except U.S. citizens and permanent residents must submit a 2019-2020 Certification of Finances with supporting financial documentation for all amounts stated. Supporting documents should be provided in English in order to expedite the evaluation process. The University of Notre Dame requires students to complete the Certification of Finances for four years, rather than one year. Students interested in the College of Architecture will fill out the Certification of Finances for five years.

Once completed, please email the Certification of Finances and financial documents in a PDF to Please include your name and Common App ID number in the subject and body of the email. Please only submit the Certification of Finances to this email address. Please do not submit through multiple sources, such as mail, fax, and email, which could create delays in processing and completing your application. If further information is needed regarding your financial documents, you will be contacted by a member of the International Admissions Staff.

Samples of completed International Student Certification of Finances and supporting documentation are shown below.

Full Ability To Pay From Income

Full Ability To Pay From Income and Assets

Full Ability to Pay From Assets

Full Ability to Pay with Sponsor

Not Able to Pay Full Cost - Need Financial Aid

International applicants requesting need-based financial aid are required to submit the CSS/Financial Aid Profile in addition to the 2019-2020 Certification of Finances. For more information about financial aid for international students, please visit our website.


While we do not offer alumni or on-campus interviews in the application process, students from Mainland China are encouraged to do an interview with InitialView or Vericant. The deadline to interview is November 15 for students applying in Restrictive Early Action or February 15 for students applying in Regular Decision.

Although the interview is not mandatory, we highly recommend students in China conduct one. It will give you an opportunity to showcase your personality, skills and English proficiency to our Admissions team.

Please visit the websites of InitialView and Vericant to schedule an interview and learn more information.