Cristina Hayes-Meizoso

Cristina Hayes-Meizoso
Class of 2023
  • Major: Neuroscience and Behavior
  • Citizenship: Spain, United States
  • High School: Spain
  • Contact:

What is your favorite campus tradition?

It's hard to pick just one, but on the first snowfall of the year, we have a big snowball fight on south quad. It’s so much fun!

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The Grotto

What is your best Notre Dame memory?

The first football game and tailgate I went to. It was the first time I truly got to experience the Notre Dame community and it was the moment that I finally understood why people call it the Notre Dame family.

What is your favorite Dining Hall Meal?

The stirfry in North Dining Hall is the best thing ever!

What is your favorite thing about dorm life?

Each of the dorms have a community that feels like family. It’s amazing to live with your best friends and have them there whenever you need a little pick me up or a laugh. 

What clubs/activities are you involved in?

GlobeMed and Reins For Life

What made you choose Notre Dame?

I wanted to go to a good school that had a good reputation while not having a super competitive atmosphere, which as a premed, was a huge concern for me. I also wanted a school with a strong sense of community and when I got to campus for HISE, the sense of community was undeniable. 

What is your favorite part about being an international student at Notre Dame?

The best part of being an international student on campus is being able to teach people about a different culture and seeing how intrigued others are by the different traditions, food, etc.

How did you adjust to life on campus?

I adjusted to life on campus immediately. As soon as I got to Notre Dame, I felt like I was home.

How do you celebrate your culture/heritage at ND?

The Spaniards often get together to hang out and make traditional Spanish dishes such as tortilla de patata. It's super fun. 

What advice do you have for international students?

Remember to be patient with those who are unfamiliar with your culture, but also remember to venture out and learn about other cultures, don’t just stick to what you know.