Luke Maurice

Luke Maurice
Class of 2022
  • Major: History/Political Science
  • Citizenship: Canada, United States
  • High School: Canada
  • Contact:

What is your favorite campus tradition?

I love everything about the football games. I was not into football or college sports at all before coming to Notre Dame, but the football culture here is incredible. From tailgating to doing touchdown pushups to singing the Alma Mater after games, football traditions here are unbeatable. 

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favourite place on campus is Saint Mary’s lake. I love to go fishing out on the lakes when the weather is nice. The sunsets there are so beautiful, and it’s just a great place to relax and escape the chaos of school. 

What is your best Notre Dame memory?

All of my memories at Notre Dame are priceless. One that especially stands out to me is the day before the first football game if my freshman year. All of the first years in my dorm woke up early to run through Stonehenge, the reflecting pool, and jump in the lake. It was a super fun way to kick off my first game day, and made for great memories with my new friends. 

What is your favorite Dining Hall Meal?

Southwest Salad, or anything else with the chipotle ranch on it. 

What is your favorite thing about dorm life?

The best part of dorm life is the community that it brings. All your best friends are just a few doors down the hall, and you get to know everyone really well. It makes for a great feeling of home. 

What clubs/activities are you involved in?

I’m in the Fishing Club, on my hall’s council, I am my hall’s gender relations commissioner, I play intramural sports, and I am an IAA. 

What made you choose Notre Dame?

The people. This university has a community unlike any other. It is obviously top notch academically, but it is so important to be at a place that really feels like home. 

What is your favorite part about being an international student at Notre Dame?

The best part about being an international student here is the opportunities to meet and interact with other international students. Other international students are an amazing opportunity to learn about different parts of the world and different ways of life. The international community at Notre Dame is really special. 

How did you adjust to life on campus?

I found adjusting to life on campus very easy. The people here are all so welcoming it’s easy to feel at home early if you keep an open mind. 

How do you celebrate your culture/heritage at ND?

I am in a group chat with some other Canadians and we get together sometimes to eat or just hangout. I also watch absurd amounts of hockey. 

What advice do you have for international students?

Don’t be nervous. It’s a big move coming all the way to South Bend Indiana for university, but it is so worthwhile. The people here are incredibly welcoming, you’ll fit in immediately.