Martina Fausto

Martina Fausto
Class of 2022
  • Major: Psychology/Chinese
  • Citizenship: Philippines
  • High School: Singapore
  • Contact:

What is your favorite campus tradition?

Touchdown pushups during football games!

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The Grotto: it always manages to engulf you in a warm embrace…even during the coldest months.

What is your best Notre Dame memory?

My first football game where we beat Michigan!

What is your favorite Dining Hall Meal?

Asian Stir-Fry and all the freshly baked cookies!

What is your favorite thing about dorm life?

It’s a tight knit group of people! I currently live in McGlinn Hall, and I proudly call it my home away from home. From the everyday routine I have with my roommates, to the late-night talks with the girls in my section, to the Sunday night masses with the whole dorm— it becomes your family. Go Shamrocks!

What clubs/activities are you involved in?

Filipino American Student Organization (FASO), Asian American Association (AAA), and the Psychology Club.

What made you choose Notre Dame?

The strong sense of community and the unique residential experience is something that particularly motivated me in picking Notre Dame; it made me to realize that finding a family would be the least of my concerns when transitioning into college life here. Life under the dome also has an abundance of academic opportunities awaiting me, such as research opportunities and strong career services, but it also provides the support and encouragement for me to develop my spiritual life with the Catholic faith; transforming me into a person that has a mind and a heart. 

What is your favorite part about being an international student at Notre Dame?

Being able to bring in fresh perspectives and new ideas, not only in a classroom setting but also when just having casual conversations with my friends.

How did you adjust to life on campus?

On the first weekend of my freshman year, I went on the Asian American Association’s First-Year Retreat. Here I was able to meet both fellow freshmen and upperclassmen, and eventually found a group of my closest friends!

How do you celebrate your culture/heritage at ND?

Being a part of FASO has allowed me to celebrate my culture and share it with the rest of the university; one way, for example, is by performing traditional Filipino dances during various cultural shows.

What advice do you have for international students?

Don’t be shy to talk about yourself! Everyone will be excited to hear about your different experiences and stories. Also, take advantage of the countless events they have here, it’s a great way to meet new people from all around campus.