Erin Camilleri

Get to Know Your Counselor:
Erin Camilleri

Director, Transfer Enrollment
Area: Indiana (Saint Joseph, Elkhart, and Marshall Counties Only), Transfer Students, Readmitted Students, International: Ireland

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Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania 

Alma mater and Major:

University of Notre Dame '97
Theology and Computer Applications
University of Notre Dame '01, Master of Divinity 

Favorite Notre Dame tradition: 

Flyovers at the beginning of football games, Tenebrae, and Quarter Dogs 

Favorite place on campus:

The "Old Hitching Post" on God Quad followed closely by "The Candy Wall" in LaFun!


Favorite South Bend hangout:

Corndance (farm-to-fork restaurant)

Favorite book, movie, and song:

Book: Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. Movie: The Usual Suspects. Song: The Boxer by Paul Simon.

The top three items on your bucket list:

Visit Paris with my daughter for her 16th birthday. See all the Seven Natural Wonders of the World with my son. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary.

Words to live by:

"Follow your heart's desire, that place deep within where God's will and your own are one and the same." -  Rev. John Dunne C.S.C.