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  •  emily_personality

    Emily Vincent '18
    Anthropology and Chinese
    Business Economics Minor and Glynn Honors
    Morristown, NJ
  • kacey_resized_fun

    Kacey Hengesbach '18
    Marketing and Design
    Visual Communications Concentration
    Westphalia, MI
  • matt_fun

    Matt Keough '18
    FTT, Philosophy
    Rye, NY
  • olivia_fun

    Olivia Mikkelsen '18
    Design, Collaborative Innovation, Anthropology
    Alexandria, VA
  •  qai_fun

    Qai Gordon '18
    IT Management
    Nashville, TN
  • randi_mcqueen_personality

    Randi McQueen '18
    Architecture and French & Francophone Studies
    Indianapolis, IN
  • z_fun

    Ziyu Cui '18
    FTT, Finance
    Nanjing, China
  •  augie_2

    Augie Collins '19
    Aerospace Engineering
    Columbus, OH
  •  gabe_tauro_personality

    Gabe Tauro '19
    Stockton, CA
  •  harriet_fun

    Harriet Fink '19
    Philosophy, Medieval Studies
    Washington, DC
  •  brandon_fun

    Brandon Hardy '20
    Accounting, Political Science
    Atlanta, GA
  •  lisa_fun

    Lisa von Werder '20
    Design - Visual Communications
    Shelbyville, IN


  •  danielle_rieger_fun

    Danielle Rieger '16
    American Studies
    Journalism, Ethics and Democracy Minor
    San Diego, CA
  • emma_fleming_fun

    Emma Fleming '16
    English & Spanish
    Education, Schooling and Society Minor
    Chicago, IL
  • katie_martin_fun

    Katie Martin '16
    Management & Asian Studies
    Granger, IN
  • maddie_personality

    Maddie Hahn '16
    Sociology & Spanish
    Education, Schooling and Society Minor
    Wilmette, IL
  • megan_mccuen_fun

    Megan McCuen '16
    English & French
    Education, Schooling and Society Minor
    Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
  •  ariel_2

    Ariel Navotas '17
    Jacksonville, FL
  •  courtie_1

    Courtie Davis '17
    Marketing & Visual Communication Design
    Lancaster, PA
  •  hugo_munoz_personality

    Hugo Muñoz Ríos '17
    Peace Studies Minor
    Santiago, Chile
  • julia_tombari_fun

    Julia Tombari '17
    International Business Certificate and Mandarin Chinese Minor
    Seattle, WA
  •  mary_kate_2

    Mary Kate Healey '17
    Cleveland, OH
  • emily_alff

    Emily Alff '18
    English & FTT
    Houston, TX

Admissions Staff Blog

Advice, thoughts, and reflections from the people who know best.

I Received a Deferred Decision—Now What?

Author: Bri Prusakowski

Bri PrusakowskiAdmissions Counselor Bri Prusakowski

So, you applied Restrictive Early Action. That means you know before most of your friends where you're going to school next year.

Except...what if you don't? No worries. We've got you covered with this post all about what a deferred decision means.…

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New Essay Questions are Here! Write it 175 Words

Author: Courtney Kelly

Courtney KellyAdmissions Counselor Courtney Kelly

The Notre Dame short answer prompts are here and we’re looking forward to reading your answers. 

In honor of our 175th anniversary, we are recommending a word count of 175. For us, it is a way to celebrate how far Notre Dame has come; for you it is a challenge. It is much more difficult to have an impact in 175 words than it is in a five-page paper—show us your ability to wow 

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Finding a College That Fits You

Author: Eileen Zander

I would give anything to be in your shoes right now. Or more accurately, to have the privilege, the opportunity, and the challenge of trying on a variety of pairs (colleges) to see which one fits the best.

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The Waiting List

Author: Jordan Schank


For the vast majority of the 19,500 applicants for Notre Dame’s First Year class, we have been able to provide a final admissions decision; but for a small percentage of applicants, the waiting will continue a little longer.…

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What Does a Deferred Decision Mean?

Author: Mary Goodman

I’m writing today to address a topic that can often be confusing for a group of our applicants who applied to ND in the Restrictive Early Action round. Our office released our decision letters in this month, and for many, this yielded a definitive decision—admit or deny. But for a number of students, this meant receiving more ambiguous news—a deferred decision.

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Advice to Applicants Who Received Deferred Decisions

Author: Enrollment Division Communications

I’m writing today to address a topic that can often be confusing for a group of our applicants who applied to ND in the Restrictive Early Action round. Our office released our decisions in mid-December, and for many, this yielded a definitive decision – admit or deny. But for a number of students, this meant receiving more ambiguous news – a deferred decision.

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Introducing the 2016 Notre Dame Short Answer Prompts!

Author: Courtney Kelly

It all began with a brainstorming meeting that resulted in nearly one hundred possible short answer prompts. Yikes! The committee then sought feedback, and proceeded to edit, cut, and imagine the breadth of responses these prompts might yield. We continuously asked ourselves: Are the prompts creative enough? Will applicants enjoy writing the essays? Will our staff be excited to read the essays? Will the essays tell us more about the heart, mind, and spirit of the applicant?…

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