The numbers only tell part of the story of our graduates’ success.


Yes, 98 percent of students are employed, enrolled in graduate school, serving in the military, or conducting service work within six months of graduating from Notre Dame. Early career salary ($59,000) is 32% higher compared to other four-year institution medians.

But that’s only the beginning. Our graduates start strong and finish stronger, continuing to strive for greatness over the course of their lives. Notre Dame alumni:

  • Preside as chief executive officers at 25 U.S. and international colleges and universities
  • Serve in leadership positions with companies ranging from General Electric to Bank of America to Sargento Foods
  • Hold high-level positions in government, including U.S. Congressmen representing California, Pennsylvania, New York, and Indiana, as well as the U.S. ambassadors to the Marshall Islands, and the Vatican
  • Have won a Nobel Prize in medicine, a Pulitzer Prize in journalism, and an Emmy Award for contributions to television technology   

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