Together, we can help your students find their best fit. 

As a guidance counselor, you play a vital role in providing information for your students during the college search process. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share the Notre Dame story with best-fit students. 

We’ll start by meeting the 2018 first-year class.

  • 38% are in the top 1% of their class
  • 89% are in the top 10% of their class
  • 52% male
  • 48% female
  • 33-35 ACT (MID-50%)
  • 1410-1540 SAT (MID-50%) Math + Critical Reading components
  • 85% were involved in community service
  • 53% were active in music, drama, fine arts, or dance
  • 38% were captains of a varsity sport
  • 33% headed a major student organization 

And now, the nuts and bolts:  

If you’d like a first-hand experience, schedule a campus visit or take the virtual tour. Your students will thank you.