International Student Admissions Board (ISAB)

The International Student Admissions Board is a select group of students from all different countries who serve as the Admissions Office’s student leadership team for all matters related to international admissions.  You can email them directly should you have any questions about majors, dorms, activities, or simply if you are curious about what life is like for an international student on campus!


  • Andreabahaiasiman
    Andrea Bahaia Siman, Class of 2019 
    Business Analytics and Psychology
    Citizenship: El Salvador
    High School: El Salvador 
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  • Lauren
    Lauren Boutros, Class of 2019
    Political Science, Design 
    Citizenship: Lebanon/United States
    High School: Lebanon
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  • Christian
    Christian Brunner-Lopez, Class of 2019
    European Studies Minor

    Citizenship: Spain/Austria
    High School: Canada
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  • Conniechen
    Connie Chen, Class of 2021
    Finance and Psychology
    Citizenship: Taiwan and United States 
    High School: Taiwan
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  • Isabella Di Bono
    Isabella Di Bono, Class of 2020
    Studio Art
    Citizenship: Honduras
    High School: Honduras  
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  • Maralarge
    Mara Diego, Class of 2020
    Economics and French
    Citizenship: Filipino
    High School: Philippines 
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  • Roberto Elosua Gomez
    Roberto Elosua Gomez, Class of 2019
    Finance and Statistics
    Citizenship: Mexico 
    High School: Mexico
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  • Daniela fabrega
    Daniela Fabrega, Class of 2021
    Business Analytics and Economics, minor in Theology  
    Citizenship: Panama 
    High School: Panama 
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  • Conalfagan
    Conal Fagan, Class of 2021
    Political Science and Peace Studies  
    Citizenship: Ireland 
    High School: Northern Ireland 
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  • Henrilarge
    Henri Edouard François, Class of 2020
    Computer Science 
    Citizenship: Haiti
    High School: Haiti 
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  • Ishaangoel
    Ishaan Goel, Class of 2020
    Business Analytics 
    Citizenship: India 
    High School: India  
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  • Benedikt
    Benedikt Graf, Class of 2020
    Citizenship: Austria
    High School: Austria  
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  • Annie Han
    Annie Han, Class of 2020
    Biology and Music Performance
    Citizenship: South Korea
    High School: South Korea 
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  • Yanjia
    Yanjia Jin, Class of 2019
    Citizenship: China
    High School: China
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  • Tamima
    Tamima Levinsohn Mourad, Class of 2020
    Psychology and Spanish, minor in Education, Schooling, and Society
    Citizenship: Brazil
    High School: Brazil 
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  • Yutong
    Yutong Liu, Class of 2019
    Biological Sciences
    Citizenship: China
    High School: China
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  • Sebastianmunoz
    Sebastián Muñoz Dispa, Class of 2019
    Citizenship: Mexico
    High School: El Salvador
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  • Camille Pierre, Class of 2019 
    Biochemistry and Program of Liberal Studies
    Citizenship: Canada/United States 
    High School: Canada 
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  • Isabelpuno
    Isabel Puno, Class of 2021
    Civil Engineering 
    Citizenship: Philippines
    High School: Philippines 
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  • Mariana
    Mariana Queiroz Miranda, Class of 2020
    Business Analytics and Economics
    Citizenship: Brazil
    High School: Brazil 
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  • Estefaniaromero
    Estefania Romero, Class of 2022 
    Mechanical Engineering 
    Citizenship: Peru
    High School: Peru  
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  • Maeve Rooney
    Maeve Rooney, Class of 2022
    Citizenship: Ireland/U.S. 
    High School: Ireland
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  • Pietrosainaghia
    Pietro Sainaghi, Class of 2021 
    Mechanical Engineering
    Citizenship: Italy
    High School: Italy  
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  • Ahana Sood
    Ahana Sood, Class of 2021 
    Citizenship: India
    High School: India  
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  • Marinellastollenwerkcavallaro
    Marinella Stollenwerk Cavallaro, Class of 2022
    Political Science
    Citizenship: New Zealand/United States/Italy
    High School: New Zealand
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  • Ghislaintrindade
    Ghislain Brenda Trindade, Class of 2021
    ACMS, minor in Actuarial Studies and Data Science
    Citizenship: India, Portugal
    High School: United Arab Emirates
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  • Regina
    Regina Zavala, Class of 2020
    Finance and Economics
    Citizenship: Mexico
    High School: Mexico
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  • Yuyangbillzhang
    Yuyang (Bill) Zhang, Class of 2022
    Mathematics, Computing and Digital Technology Minor
    Citizenship: China
    High School: China
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Admissions Staff Blog

Advice, thoughts, and reflections from the people who know best.

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The Waiting List

For the vast majority of the record 22,199 applicants for Notre Dame’s first-year class, we have been able to provide a final admissions decision; but for a small percentage of applicants, the waiting will continue a little longer.

This blog entry is for those who have been offered a place on Notre Dame’s waiting list. With it, I hope to eliminate some of the uncertainty surrounding the process by providing advice and answers to our most frequently asked questions.…

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Finals Week: Eating Your Feelings (On a Budget)

Author: Jarissa Sabal

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Snow is falling and melting and falling again. Parka hoods are being raised against the cold. Students are calculating how it will be possible to get 160% on their finals to bump up to an A.


That’s right: finals week is upon us. Students all over campus are worried about how they’re going to type 12 pages in six hours -- they shouldn’t have to be worried about how they’re going to eat. So, I present to you my expert tips on how to eat your way through finals week at little or no cost to yourself.…

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Finals Week: Time Management

Author: Bailey Jordan

Bailey 2

The School of Architecture varies from other college paths in many ways, but one major way it differs is how an architecture student approaches finals week. Finals week is typically the last week of school before the end of the semester where there’s no class, a lot of studying and writing, and a lot of exams. However, my finals week starts as soon as Thanksgiving is over. A lot happens in the last three weeks of school in the architecture building. We all have a studio class that accounts for about a third of our credits each semester. There’s no final exam for this course, but rather a final design project that always inevitably takes up every waking hour of our lives for about the week before it’s deadline. We work until 9pm the day it’s due and then complete what’s called a “review” where we present our designs and receive constructive criticism from a panel of professors. But, as hectic and time consuming as this is, that entire class is completed for the semester before normal finals even start. This totally opened my finals schedule and allowed me to focus on just two classes. Below is my finals calendar for this past fall 2018 that includes the three weeks of school between coming back to campus in November after Thanksgiving break and leaving for Christmas break. …

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The Business Life: A Guide to Navigating Mendoza College of Business

Author: Jenny Moore

Jenny 1

Of the endless list of reasons why Notre Dame stands out from the crowd, our world-renowned Mendoza College of Business is no exception. Founded in 1921 by Holy Cross priest and former University President John Francis O’Hara and named in 2000 for NetApp executives Tom and Kathy Mendoza, Mendoza has long been woven into the fabric of the University, consistently pushing its mission to “Ask More of Business.” Consequently, it is one of the most popular college choices at Notre Dame.…

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Friday Fives: Top 5 Doors on Campus

Author: Augie Collins

Though it was no easy task, the Notre Dame New Media Interns present to you the top five doors on campus as part of a new ongoing “Friday Fives” segment. Each week we’ll pick a part of Notre Dame that we love, and show you the five best examples every Friday at 5:00 PM. Enjoy!


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Tour the Brand New Duncan Student Center

Author: Courtney Kelly

Duncan Student Center

2018 started out with quite a bang for Notre Dame! With the start of the semester, our new student center opened. The Campus Crossroads Project broke ground in the fall of 2014 and is nearly finished. The purpose of this project was to take an iconic Notre Dame tradition, the Notre Dame Stadium, used roughly ten times a year, and make it a campus staple for students. Now students will visit the stadium, and the buildings built in the expansion, daily. …

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New Essay Questions are Here! Write it 175 Words

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Courtney KellyAdmissions Counselor Courtney Kelly

The Notre Dame short answer prompts are here and we’re looking forward to reading your answers. 

In honor of our 175th anniversary, we are recommending a word count of 175. For us, it is a way to celebrate how far Notre Dame has come; for you it is a challenge. It is much more difficult to have an impact in 175 words than it is in a five-page paper—show us your ability to wow 

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Finding a College That Fits You

Author: Eileen Zander

I would give anything to be in your shoes right now. Or more accurately, to have the privilege, the opportunity, and the challenge of trying on a variety of pairs (colleges) to see which one fits the best.

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