We’re in this together. 

Sending a student to college is a major life event—and we treat it as such. We are honored that you and your student are considering applying to Notre Dame. 

We see parents as partners, giving you every opportunity to get involved, stay informed, and have your questions answered. Below you’ll find links to resources that should answer the majority of your questions. If you’d rather contact us, don’t hesitate to call at 574-631-7505 or email admissions@nd.edu

  • Financial aid information. We meet 100 percent of students’ demonstrated financial need. 
  • Student life. Undergraduate students live in one of 30 single-sex residence halls; 16 halls house male students and 14 halls house female students.
  • Spirituality at Notre Dame. Notre Dame is a Catholic institution that encourages all students—regardless of their faith background—to grow spiritually during their time on campus. 
  • Academics. Notre Dame is consistently ranked among the top 20 institutions of higher education in the country. 
  • Service. 80 percent of Notre Dame students serve before they graduate.
  • Study abroad. Over half of Notre Dame students study abroad. 
  • Visit campus. Accompany your student on a campus visit and share the experience that could determine the next four years of your lives together. 
  • Campus Safety. The security of our students is paramount.  

Visit parents.nd.edu to find out how parents of current and former students become part of the Notre Dame family.