Mendoza College of Business 

Students desiring to transfer into the Mendoza College of Business must apply to a specific major within the college. Once a transfer student has been successfully admitted to the college and a major, changes to a student's major are not typically considered. 

Appropriate course selection is one of the most important factors in presenting a strong transfer application. The Transfer Admissions Committee requires students to complete the math and economics requirements specified below. Admission to the Mendoza College of Business is contingent upon enrollment in a business curriculum. Therefore, admitted students will not be allowed to change to another college at the University during their first year.

In addition to making progress in the University's Core Curriculum, a prospective business major should include:

Mathematics* Two courses: 6 semester hours total (must complete Calculus I and Statistics for Business.)
Natural Science Two courses: 6 semester hours total (any combination of Chemistry, Biology, Physics, etc.) No laboratory is required.
Economics* 3 semester hours of Principles of Microeconomics
English Composition 3 semester hours
Other 12 semester hours total of Philosophy, Theology, History, or Social Science (e.g. Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology)

*required courses for all business transfer students

View all business majors here. 

Students who have completed first-year coursework that closely mirrors Notre Dame's first-year coursework will be more competitive in the transfer admissions process. Please be aware that the Mendoza College of Business does not favor substituting sophomore courses for those required in the first year.