School of Architecture Transfer Requirements

For transfer to the School of Architecture, a student must be intending to enter sophomore year. The student must have 24 transferrable credit hours (preferably 30). By University policy, no course transfers without a grade of “B” or better will be accepted. Also, a candidate for transfer must submit a portfolio through the Common Application for Transfer, and it should demonstrate readiness for sophomore studio courses. Submitted work should exhibit abilities in freehand drawing and hand drafting. Breadth of subject and media strengthens the portfolio. For more information, please see link below.

In addition to making progress in the University's Core Curriculum, the School of Architecture requires the following courses be completed in the first year of coursework:

Calculus I Calculus II
Physics I Physics II
Drafting Drawing

Learn more about the architecture major for transfers.  

Students who have completed first-year coursework that closely mirrors Notre Dame's first-year coursework will be more competitive in the transfer admissions process. Please be aware that the School of Architecture does not favor substituting sophomore courses for those required in the first year.