Your integration into campus life begins at orientation—and never stops. 

Enrolling fall transfer students and their parents are introduced to the Notre Dame community by a comprehensive Transfer Welcome program. The Transfer Welcome Committee is comprised of students who previously transferred to Notre Dame, so the customized program addresses the specific needs and concerns of newly enrolling sophomores and juniors. The Welcome Weekend begins with a Mass and dinner, including an address from the University’s President. The weekend schedule includes information meetings, academic advising and course registration, and a creative collection of social events. 

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Enrolling spring transfers and their parents will be invited to an evening Spring Welcome program, including a dinner and student panel. Academic advising and course registration take place the following morning. Although the academic schedule in January necessitates an abbreviated program, the Transfer Welcome Committee organizes social events throughout the first week of classes. 

Get involved, stay involved. 

These are just a few of the ways transfer students can immerse themselves into the campus community. 


Student Activities

Campus Ministries

Center for Social Concerns