Understanding Our Offer of Admission

Our most frequently asked questions from transfer students regarding the details of their admission are addressed in the following pages. If your questions are not sufficiently answered here, please feel free to contact our office at transfer@nd.edu or (574) 631-7505.

Which of my credits will transfer?

Determination of credit transfer and registration for classes will both occur during Transfer Welcome. Your academic advisor will ensure that you are able to take the classes necessary to make progress towards your degree and be on track for on-time  graduation. With that in mind, please understand that you may not have the most ideal schedule your first semester, and you may need to spend time visiting departments for registration overrides. Past experience has shown that a flexible attitude is essential to keeping this a stress-free process.

When do I register for classes? 

The registration process consists of three steps. The first step you will need to complete prior to arrival at Notre Dame, while the  other two will occur during Transfer Welcome.

Please Review All Three Steps Carefully

Honor Code: As a member of the Notre Dame academic community, you must know and uphold Notre Dame’s Academic Code of Honor. You must complete the Honor Code Orientation, an interactive online tutorial, pass the Honor Code quiz, and electronically sign the Honor Code pledge after passing the quiz. You will need to log in to sakai.nd.edu and click on the NetID Login, then the “ND Honor Code” tab under the “Quick Links” bar on the top of the page. You will not be able to register for classes until you have successfully passed the online tutorial and electronically signed the Honor Code pledge. For further details visit: honorcode.nd.edu.

Registration: During Transfer Welcome all students will meet individually with their respective academic advisor in order to fully review which courses from their previous university will transfer. Only after this meeting may students register for their courses. Please refer to registrar.nd.edu for specific registration information.

ND Roll Call: You will receive an email message (to your Notre Dame email) approximately one week before classes commence with detailed instructions to complete “ND Roll Call.” By completing this process, you are informing the University of your intent to pursue classes for the semester. In addition, this process allows domestic transfer students verification of
attendance for loan deferments, insurance purposes, and scholarships, and it allows financial aid awards to be disbursed. This email will ask you to complete ND Roll Call immediately, but as a transfer student you will be unable to do so until after you register for classes here on campus.

Does Notre Dame offer disability services?

The University is required to provide reasonable accommodations for only the known limitations of otherwise qualified students with disabilities. Thus, students with disabilities must register with Sara Bea Disability Services (“Disability Services”) to qualify for reasonable academic accommodations. Students with questions about this process should consult with their facilitator or the Coordinator of Disability Services. For more information, please visit the Sara Bea Disability Services website.

Please note: If you are requesting special housing accommodations based on a disability or medical condition, please contact the Office of Housing at (574) 631.5878 or housing@nd.edu.

What else do I need to know about my admission?

Your admission is contingent upon enrollment in a curriculum appropriate to the college to which you have been admitted throughout your first year at Notre Dame. Additionally, one half of your degree requirements must be completed at Notre Dame—including your senior year. We ask that you review the Policy Statement for full details regarding your matriculation to Notre Dame.

Will I be able to live on campus? 

There are a limited number of rooms available in on-campus housing for transfer students. If you wish to live on campus, you must complete an online wait list housing application as soon as you receive your confirmation email from us. Your application will enable you to be part of the wait list lottery for a fall on-campus assignment, with notification of assignment or lottery number made to you in mid-July.  

All correspondence regarding housing assignments will be sent to your Notre Dame email account. Please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing directly with any questions regarding this process. Their office can be reached at (574) 631-5878 or ResidentialLife@nd.edu.  

If you are interested in living off-campus, information regarding housing options in the South Bend area can be found at offcampus.nd.edu.

Is there a Transfer Welcome? 

Transfer Welcome starts several days before classes begin and comprises of academic advising and registration as well as a multitude of social activities. Your family is welcome to join you at a number of Welcome activities. The fall program is four days long with families typically departing campus by the third day. The spring program is shorter, two days, and families typically depart on the second day.

However, we want to stress that while parents are most definitely welcome, their attendance is not required. We do not want parents, particularly of international students, to feel pressured to invest significant time and expense in order to attend Transfer Welcome.

If you will be moving into a residence hall, you will have access on the first day of Transfer Welcome. Early move-in is not available, so if you arrive prior to the start of the program, you will need to make alternative lodging arrangements for that night.

A complete Transfer Welcome Weekend itinerary can be found at welcomeweekend.nd.edu.

I have decided to accept your offer of admissions; what do I do next? 

Refer to the Important Information & Checklist for a complete list of materials required to complete your confirmation. Once we have received your confirmation, we will send your confirmation email instructions to activate your NetID, access your Notre Dame email, and to fill out an online housing application through the Office of Housing.