Mendoza Internal Transfer Application

The Internal Transfer Application to the Mendoza College of Business

Applicants to Notre Dame are admitted to the University, not to an individual school or college. However, upon application to Notre Dame, all students are asked to make a non-binding indication of the college or school and specific major or discipline in which they intend to major.

First-year class applicants who indicate an intent to enroll in the Mendoza College of Business will be informed, at the time of admission, whether or not they are “preapproved” to do so at the end of their first year.


A small number of students who were not preapproved to major in business will be selected to matriculate into Mendoza through a transfer application process. This number will include both first-year students currently enrolled at Notre Dame and some students applying to Notre Dame as transfer applicants from other universities. The number of openings will be managed to ensure the University achieves the desired enrollment goal per class for Mendoza.

The information included on this site is for currently enrolled first-year students at Notre Dame. Information for students applying to transfer to Notre Dame from other universities can be found here

Application Checklist and Instructions

  • Notify your first-year advisor of your intentions to apply to the Mendoza College of Business during an advising meeting.
  • Complete the online Mendoza College of Business transfer application. Note: applicants must apply using their NetID email (i.e.,
  • Complete the application essay.
  • Submit your fall semester Notre Dame transcript. If applying for the summer deadline, submit both your fall and spring semester transcripts.
  • Submit one letter of recommendation (example: Notre Dame faculty member, club advisor, rector).
  • Submit an individual presentation (limit 5 slides).

Application Essay

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will read your essay as we seek to learn more about you. Tip: Use personal examples, anecdotes—anything that helps differentiate you from your peers.

Please provide a response of approximately 500 words to the following question: "Why do you want to transfer to the Mendoza College of Business?"

Application Timelines

  Winter Summer 

Application Available

December 13, 2019

April 15, 2020

Application Deadline

January 31, 2020

May 22, 2020

Decision Notification



Confirmation Deadline

Late March

Late June