Why has the University of Notre Dame implemented enrollment limits for the Mendoza College of Business undergraduate program?

The Mendoza College of Business experienced a significant increase in undergraduate enrollment over the past several years. To ensure the quality of the student experience within the Mendoza College of Business, as well as maintain balance in enrollment across all the colleges, the University has adopted new admissions practices. One of the new practices is an internal application process for those Notre Dame students in their first year who wish to transfer into the Mendoza College of Business.

How do I notify the University of my intention to possibly transfer to the Mendoza College of Business?

You would alert your first-year advisor during an advising meeting and use the online application mentioned below.

When do I apply?  

The first application window opens on December 4, 2020 with a submission deadline of January 22, 2021. This timing will allow students to explore options during their initial semester at Notre Dame. Students will be able to use their first semester at Notre Dame as a time of education discernment in order to make an informed decision about the selection of their College.

Who may apply?

The Mendoza College of Business undergraduate program is a three-year program and, therefore, students must matriculate into the college as first semester sophomores in order to complete the BBA degree requirements within the four year (8 total semesters) undergraduate program. As such, only first-year students will be eligible to apply for internal transfer. 

Is there an application fee?

No. Applicants applying as internal transfers to the Mendoza College of Business will not be charged an application fee. 

If I apply during the early deadline timeframe and I am not selected, may I apply again during the later deadline timeframe?

You only need to apply once.  Students not selected in the first (winter) round will automatically be considered again in the second (summer) round. 

What criteria will be used to determine acceptance into Mendoza’s undergraduate business program as an internal transfer?

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions has worked closely with the Mendoza College of Business to develop a holistic review process for internal transfer applicants that considers relevant education-related accomplishments, including first-year academic performance. The review process will also consider relevant characteristics relating to a student’s accomplishments outside of the classroom consistent with the holistic admissions evaluation. It should be noted that there are no guarantees of acceptance and the process will be exceptionally competitive.

Will I be assured of my choice of major in the Mendoza College of Business?

The Mendoza College of Business is committed to admit as many of their students as possible into their choice of business major.  Currently there are no limits on enrollment in available majors, although some have minimum grade requirements in certain prerequisite courses.  You can learn more about Mendoza majors here.

Where do I find the application for internal transfer?

The application is available here. More information regarding the Mendoza internal transfer process may be found here.

When will I hear my decision?

First round decisions will be released in early-March and second round in mid-June. If a student has been accepted to the Mendoza College of Business as an internal transfer, they will need to accept or decline that offer by the deadline specified in their acceptance notification (around the middle of March or end of June depending on which application window they are in).

If I am not admitted, will I still be able to take business classes?

Notre Dame offers many options to non-business majors who seek overlap with a business education. These courses and programs will be provided to students seeking this additional layer of education as they pursue other majors at Notre Dame.  Mendoza currently offers three minors to non-business students (Accounting, Digital Marketing, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship) as well as several courses in support of the Real Estate minor.