Driving Directions

Those who live within driving distance of Notre Dame are eligible for the reimbursement of the trip to South Bend (maximum 400 miles total) at $.54 per mile plus the cost of tolls.

Helpful Notes

  • Check-in is between 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Saturday in room 220 of the Main Building (Golden Dome). Please plan on arriving between this timeframe.
  • Enter campus using the Main Entrance on Notre Dame Avenue (see embedded map below):
    • At the first intersection, turn left onto Holy Cross Dr.
    • Stop at the guard box, give your name, and share that you are dropping off luggage for the Reilly Visitation Program.
    • Continue on Holy Cross Dr.
    • Turn right onto Sorin Court. Park your vehicle in the A1 lot, which is directly behind the Main Building. 
  • If you are leaving a car on campus until Tuesday morning, please request a temporary campus parking pass upon check-in. After check-in, you will be directed to a parking lot at the periphery of campus. 
  • Keep track of miles driven and tolls paid for reimbursement purposes. Print the Visitor Reimbursement Form before your trip. 
  • As a reminder, programming runs late Monday night. Drivers are expected to check-out and depart Tuesday morning.