The South Shore Train station is located near Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. The South Shore Train is recommended for those who live near Chicago and cannot drive to Notre Dame. 

Helpful Notes

  • Here is the weekend eastbound schedule for the South Shore passenger train.  This is the train you will be taking to South Bend on Saturday.
  • Upon your arrival to the South Bend International Airport, please proceed to the baggage claim area.  There will be an admissions counselor there waiting to greet you.
  • Here is the weekday westbound schedule for the South Shore.  This is the train you will be taking to Chicago on Tuesday.  If there is a particular train you would like to take, please let us know as we will be arranging your ride to the train station.
  • You are responsible for purchasing your tickets.  One-way tickets from Millennium Station to South Bend are $13.00.  Please keep track of any receipts or costs associated with your trip.  We will issue a reimbursement following the program.