COVID-19 Related FAQs

Author: Geoffrey Young

Admitted Students

Will campus be open to students in Fall 2020?

Yes, details about the staged return of students and welcome activities for new students will be shared as they are finalized, with an update provided no later than June 15, 2020 by the Office of Student AffairsView the latest information about the fall semester.

Are there any visit options for admitted students?

Because all on-campus visit experiences have been canceled, there are no in-person options until further notice. However, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has created virtual experiences that allow admitted students and their families to interact with the Notre Dame community, including virtual information sessions and a tour. Explore Notre Dame virtually.

My high school is considering Pass/Fail grades for my final semester. Will ND accept those as grades?

Yes, we will accept Pass/Fail grades as long as your high school is certifying that you have met requirements for graduation and produces an official final high school transcript with a graduation date. If your school offers the option for letter grades, we would prefer an actual grade over a Pass/Fail. We utilize the GPA given on the transcript by your high school and only calculate when one is not provided.

Is Notre Dame still accepting credit for AP exams that are moving online for spring 2020?

The Academy will continue to grant credit for examination in its current policy for those examinations that have moved online. For information on credit given for scores achieved, visit First Year Advising Advanced Credit and Placement.

We encourage our students to sit for AP exams and do their very best. Their admission to the University is not in jeopardy for lower exam scores.

What should I do if I can't submit my final high school transcript on time?

We understand that many schools are closed and that final high school transcript delivery may be delayed. We will remain flexible with our deadlines for receipt of final high school transcripts throughout the summer prior to classes beginning in August. If you are aware of any delays or concerns about this, please email us at

What do I do if my family’s financial circumstances change?

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to a thorough and personal review of each family's individual circumstances as the basis of determining a student's financial aid eligibility. However, we recognize that family circumstances can change unexpectedly, affecting a family's ability to contribute toward educational expenses. 

Your financial aid is based upon income from two years prior to the start of the academic year as reported on the financial aid applications. If your family's circumstances change after receiving your Financial Aid Notification, you may request a review of your financial aid eligibility by completing the Change in Circumstances Form.

What if I can’t make a decision by May 1? 

Please contact your Notre Dame admissions counselor to discuss your circumstances. 

If I am unable to attend Notre Dame in the fall, can I defer my admission?

Please contact your admissions counselor to discuss your circumstances prior to the May 1 deposit deadline. 

International Students

My IB exams were canceled and I applied knowing Notre Dame is test flexible. Will this affect my admission decision?

At the time of your admission decision, our office will have used your academic performance thus far in your secondary education alongside your predicted IB scores. These metrics, in conjunction with our review of all other aspects of your application (extracurriculars, essays, etc.), help guide our holistic decision-making. We would not reverse any offer of admission for students whose IB or A level exams were canceled.

When will I receive my I-20?

Notre Dame does not begin processing I-20s for international students until the student has confirmed their enrollment and made their enrollment deposit via their applicant status portal. As long as you have submitted both your Certification of Finances and the copy of your passport information page, we will have what we need to initiate the creation of the I-20 upon your confirmation of enrollment. Our office will express courier the I-20 to you once it is completed.

If you have not yet submitted your passport copy, you may do so directly through your applicant status portal.

What should I do if I can't submit my final high school transcript on time?

We understand that many schools are closed and that final high school transcript delivery may be delayed. We will remain flexible with our deadlines for receipt of final high school transcripts throughout the summer prior to classes beginning in August. If you are aware of any delays or concerns about this, please email us at

If my country has been affected by COVID-19, can I still enroll at Notre Dame?

Notre Dame will proceed in its enrollment of students overseas and the processing of I-20s. If U.S. foreign policy (or your home country's policy) determines a limiting course of action as we get closer to the start of the school year, Notre Dame will work with students to discern their next steps with regard to enrollment.

Transfer Students

What if I’m experiencing challenges obtaining documents from my previous institution?

We understand that obtaining transcripts and other materials may not be possible, or may be delayed, and we hope that the extended application deadline gave you the extra time needed to submit them.

If you experience a delay related to these circumstances, please email us at

Keep an eye on our transfer pages for updates pertaining to transfer students.


Prospective Students

Are there confirmed cases of COVID-19 on campus?

Members of the Notre Dame community are among those in Saint Joseph County who have tested positive for COVID-19. They have self-quarantined and are under medical care. Please see the University’s general FAQs on our coronavirus response for more information and updates.

How can I contact you to get my questions answered?

Our online chat is available during normal business hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (ET); look for the blue chat circle on You may also email us at with questions. For specific questions, find your admissions counselor.

My standardized tests were canceled. Will this affect my admission decision?

We will remain flexible with regard to submitting your standardized test scores and will rely on you to let us know if you have a delay. Please email us at to let us know.

What if my transcripts look different as a result of curriculum changes, online learning, or variations in testing because of COVID-19?

We understand that your transcripts may be changing as decisions are being made in your school district and with testing agencies. The University of Notre Dame remains committed to the holistic review process and will take the impact of COVID-19 into consideration as we review your application. We understand that your test scores may be reflected differently, and your school may record your grades differently than in the past. We are also aware that you may be seeking letters of recommendation from your teachers and counselors in a way that you did not anticipate. Rest assured, we are prepared to read and evaluate your application in this new context. 

Will standardized test scores be viewed differently for fall 2021 applicants as students will have limited opportunities to take them? 

The University is continuing to monitor the options for our prospective students to sit for testing. We will continue to keep our prospective students informed if any changes are made to the requirements for admission for the fall 2021.

What about extracurricular activities that I am not allowed to participate in this semester?

Social distancing protocols have changed activities for all of us. We understand how disappointing it must be that you may not be playing your favorite spring sport, performing in your school's spring musical, or participating in a school organization that you feel passionate about. We also understand that school trips may have been canceled and summer jobs or internships might not be coming together as you have planned. We acknowledge that these opportunities may not be available through no fault of your own. Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. 

Can I visit campus?

As always, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our campus community—students, faculty, staff, and visitors. With this as our guiding principle, the University and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions made the decision to cancel on-campus visit activities for prospective and admitted undergraduate students until further notice. This includes all information sessions, College Overviews, tours, day hosts, and admitted student events until further notice. More Information

Will I be able to visit later?

The University will add visit opportunities to our calendar as soon as we are able to host guests on campus. Please keep an eye on our campus visit page and also on your email if you are signed up for our mailing list for updates. 

Since I can’t come to campus, what are my other options?

There are lots of ways to connect with the Notre Dame community!