What is the Gateway Program?

The Holy Cross College-University of Notre Dame Gateway Program invites highly talented students from across the world to attend Holy Cross for one year while taking a class at Notre Dame. During this year, you will integrate yourself into the Notre Dame family. Completing the academic requirements and being in good standing at both institutions will allow you to move on as a full-time Notre Dame student your sophomore year.

How many students are in the Gateway Program?

Of the thousands of students who apply to Notre Dame, only 60 carefully selected students will participate in the Gateway Program with the full expectation that all will successfully transfer to Notre Dame. The collaborative nature of the program ensures you will feel supported and challenged by your peers.

Where do the Gateway students live?

You will live at Holy Cross for your freshman year, typically with another Gateway student, and move onto Notre Dame's campus for your sophomore year. One benefit of the Gateway Program is that you will be placed at the top of the Notre Dame Housing Lottery, ensuring you will have on-campus housing your sophomore year.

How long is the walk from Holy Cross to Notre Dame?

It can take anywhere from 7-35 minutes to walk to Notre Dame, depending on what building you are going to. The Rockne Memorial is less than a fifteen-minute walk, and the further places on campus such as the Lafortune Center and the Hesburgh Library can take 20-25 minutes.

Will I feel like a Notre Dame student?

You will feel as much as a Notre Dame student as you allow yourself to be. In the Gateway program, you are able to completely immerse yourself into the Notre Dame community through clubs, sports, and classes. The more time you spend doing things you love at Notre Dame, the more you will feel at home. You will receive Notre Dame IDs, meal swipes, and ND emails, making it easier to sign up for clubs, go to Notre Dame dining halls, serve in mission trips, and get football tickets which make you feel like part of the family. During orientation the Gateway students are invited to a ceremony at the Grotto with your respective ND graduating class, and it is an incredible experience. As a Gateway student, you are part of the University of Notre Dame Class of 2021. Former Gateway students are now in all four classes at Notre Dame, so it has become well-known and integrated into the campus community. 

Do I need a car?

No. The walk is short enough where you do not need a car, and a shuttle transports students between Saint Mary's, Notre Dame, and Holy Cross. However, it is a nice convenience to have a car to get off campus. Many students opt to invest in a bike and a u-lock as it can make getting around the campuses faster.

Can I join clubs?

At both Notre Dame and Holy Cross you are able to join any club that you would like. The more you get involved the better, and a great way to maximize your Gateway experience is to do things you love!  Don’t be afraid to take the initiative to try something new at any point in the year. Previous Gateway students have been involved in a variety of activities and clubs ranging from the Student Union Board, Mock Trail, Club Volleyball, the Notre Dame Marching Band, Folk Choir, and Bookstore Basketball to name just a few. 

Where should I tell people I go to college?

The preferable answer would be the Holy Cross College-University of Notre Dame Gateway Program, but if you wish simply to say Holy Cross College, that is up to you.

What class should I take at Notre Dame?

Study something you love and find interesting. This is an opportunity to explore completely new fields of study or the take a more advanced class in something that already excites you. Also, look into taking seminars, research, and mission trips.

Will I be academically challenged?

At Holy Cross you are in the honors program, and most of your classes will consist of Gateway students. As at any school, the teacher and subject matter determine the difficulty of the class. While your Notre Dame class will not be designated as honors, it will be challenging.

What is the best advice for Gateway students?

Understanding that many students did not envision their college career beginning in the Gateway program, the happiest and most successful students have embraced this unique opportunity as a gift. Adopting a flexible attitude (it is your first year of college after all!) and being willing to take the initiative will ensure that the year is exciting and enjoyable while achieving your ultimate goal—graduating with the Class of 2021!

Is it worth it?

If you love Notre Dame, then you will love Gateway. Gateway immediately becomes your family on the first day of orientation. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to students who are currently enrolled in the program as well as those who have already joined their class at Notre Dame!