Gabriel Brown

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Gabe Brown

Associate Director
Area: Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Homeschooled

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Shawnee, Oklahoma

Alma mater and Major:

University of Notre Dame ‘03, Computer Science

Favorite Notre Dame tradition: 

Bookstore Basketball (spent more time choosing a team name than playing).

Favorite place on campus:

The sycamore tree by the Grotto where I proposed.


Favorite South Bend hangout: 

South Bend Farmer’s Market

Favorite book, movie, and song:

Book: Goodnight Moon (Margaret Wise Brown). Movie: Fargo. Song: Lullabye (Billy Joel).

The top three items on your bucket list:

Run a marathon (faster than the first one), visit the Grand Canyon, take up photography.

Words to live by:

“Come, Holy Spirit” - Fr. Hesburgh’s favorite prayer