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Explore the Notre Dame community and experience for yourself the spirit that unites many voices with a common purpose.

There are many ways to get to know Notre Dame—and the more you know about us, the better you’ll understand why we think this place, this University, is so special. Our community is the heart of the Notre Dame experience and there’s something profoundly special about being a part of it. So, connect with us.

Whether you schedule a virtual information session, take a virtual tour, read our student blogs, or meet up with your admissions counselor, this is your opportunity to learn more about who we are and the values that drive us. We want you to experience this place, understand our mission, and get a feel for the Notre Dame community. That includes our academics, clubs and Division I athletics, our world-class research facilities, and the simple but jaw-dropping beauty of our campus.

There are many ways to get to know Notre Dame because Notre Dame is made of many parts. Let us show you who we are and what we do, so you can find your place in the Notre Dame family.

Lisa Fun

This campus visit was, well, a life-changer. I had a great tour guide to tell me about the design program and the wonderful faculty, plus a helpful trip to the financial aid office. The campus was beautiful and, despite being left to my own devices for a while, getting a little lost, and ending up with sore feet, I felt better at Notre Dame than I had at any other college campus.

– Lisa von Werder ’20

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From the Golden Dome to Touchdown Jesus, this campus is home to well-known landmarks and world-class facilities.

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