Welcome to College Bound, the Notre Dame Admissions Podcast 

We know that researching colleges and filling out applications can be a stressful process. Our weekly podcast will provide you with an understanding of the Notre Dame review process and deadlines, and help you get to know Notre Dame a little better. 

Meet Your Hosts


As two Notre Dame graduates, admissions counselors Matt Greene and Maria Finan are passionate about Notre Dame and the University’s mission. We know that high school is a busy time for students, and we want to help you navigate the application process.

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Season 1

Season 1 of College Bound has two parts: The Application and Why Notre Dame. Episodes will be released weekly on Tuesdays leading up to our November 1 Restrictive Early Action deadline. 

Our Application episodes offer an overview of what we mean when we say we review applications "holistically." We'll talk about the role that context plays in our review process, our deadlines, the academic and nonacademic factors we consider, what we’re looking for in the essays, and how our financial aid and merit processes work.

Then, our focus shifts to “Why Notre Dame.” We’ll explore Notre Dame traditions and lore, residential life, faith and service, research and innovation, finding jobs and internships, our alumni network, and what it’s like to be a first-year student at Notre Dame.

You'll also hear from current students and special guests.

The Fall Line-up

The Application Episodes

Episode 1: Application Review & Deadlines

In our inaugural episode of College Bound, we discuss our philosophy for application evaluation, specifically the holistic approach we take to evaluating applications, and the role that context plays in our review process. We also explain our Restrictive Early Action and Regular Decision deadlines and timelines, and how to choose the best one for you.



Read the episode transcript.

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Episode 2: Academic Criteria

This episode provides an overview of the academic criteria we consider when reviewing applications. We dig into test-optional and what that really means, in addition to offering advice about who should submit which tests under specific circumstances. Lastly, we emphasize that test-optional really does mean optional!



Read the episode transcript.

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Episode 3: Non-academic Criteria & Essays

Our discussion of holistic review continues in this episode as we talk about the non-academic portions of the application. We offer advice on what to include and some insight on how to best tackle your college essays. 

Episode 4: Financial Aid and Merit Aid

We cover the financial aid applications Notre Dame requires, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS Profile, and provide you with some helpful resources. We also explain how merit aid works at Notre Dame.



Read the episode transcript.

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Why Notre Dame Episodes

Episode 5: Notre Dame Traditions

This episode of College Bound is a special one as we transition into our first of many discussions about student life at Notre Dame. With over 175 years of tradition, Notre Dame has a rich history full of lore, legends, and traditions. If you like ghost stories, or triumphant endings, you’ll love our exploration of Notre Dame’s past and present.



Read the episode transcript.

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Episode 6: Residential Life and Dorms

This week we attempt to settle the debate as to which dorm really is the best dorm on campus. Tajae Thompson ‘22 and Connor Patrick ‘23 join us to talk about how residential life works at Notre Dame, and their favorite traditions and events associated with their dorm communities.



Read the episode transcript.

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