College Bound: Research

Author: Matt Greene


College Bound is the Notre Dame admissions podcast. Kellen Round ‘21, a science-business major, and Alena Coleman ‘22, an English and Spanish major, join us for Episode 8: Research to talk about their current research projects and how they got involved in research. 

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At the University of Notre Dame, there are a plethora of opportunities for students to involve themselves in research. Research at Notre Dame is not something that is limited to graduate students. Because Notre Dame wants to develop students in all facets of an undergraduate career, we want undergraduate students to have numerous opportunities for research.

Research opportunities are available to first-year students. Students can connect with their professors to get a sense of what research they are working on outside of teaching classes. If students want to pursue research in science labs or in their own reading/synthesis of texts in the humanities, they can accomplish all of that if they wish. Additionally, students can look to the advice from our staff at the Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement (CUSE). The staff at CUSE will advise all Notre Dame students who are interested in research opportunities. 

As Alena Coleman mentioned in the College Bound podcast research episode, she is also a member of the Sorin Scholars Program. Sorin Scholars is a program that is a product of the work that CUSE does for students at Notre Dame. It is a program aimed at helping upperclassmen garner more access to scholarly engagement resources and receive priority funding for research. Students who are looking into this program can apply in their sophomore year, so students applying would have already taken an interest in research in their first couple of years as Notre Dame students.

If you are a prospective student looking to get involved with research as early as your first year at Notre Dame, then Alena and Kellen Round also provide tips on how to get started with research at Notre Dame:

  • Get connected with your professors. Ask them about what research opportunities they know of or are already pursuing themselves. See if they need any assistance with those.
  • Speak with upperclassmen about how they got involved with research. See if they need assistance as well or if they know of similar topics that spark your interest.
  • Be curious in your research pursuits. Read and analyze all facets of your academic pursuits to see whether new and exciting research can supplement your studies.

With the resources we have available, as well as peers, friends, mentors, and professors’ willingness to help you, you can forge your own path and truly make research opportunities at Notre Dame your own.

Matt Greene is an assistant director with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. He is the regional counselor for Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Read Matt's profile