Check Your Status

Overview of Your Applicant Status Portal

Please watch for an email regarding your applicant status portal within two to three days after you have submitted an application for admission to Notre Dame. This email will be sent to the email address you used to apply. The email will include instructions for establishing your Notre Dame applicant status portal account.

You will be able to view the following in your Notre Dame applicant status portal:

  • Your application checklist (including received/missing materials)
  • Application updates (first-year applicants)
  • Your admission decision
  • Financial aid information

Your Application Checklist 

Your checklist will reflect items for your application that have been received or items that are still needed to complete your application. If a required item displays as missing, it has not been received or is still being processed.

Any missing requirements may be submitted via your application or emailed to Your checklist will be updated immediately after the materials are processed in the system. Please note: during October through January, it may take up to two weeks to process materials received.

Submit an Application Update (First-Year Applicants)

Though applicants to Notre Dame are not expected to provide additional materials as part of the admission process, all first-year applicants have the opportunity to upload materials via their portal. Examples include: a resumé, a brief writing sample, or any additional information you were unable to include in your application.

Note that required application items, such as your official transcript or the Notre Dame Writing Supplement should not be submitted via your portal. You should submit required checklist items directly through your application or by emailing them to

Self-reported Test Scores (First-Year Applicants)

If you wish to report unofficial ACT or SAT test score updates, you may do so via a form in the applicant status portal. Please note that you can only self-report SAT subject tests through your application.

Your Admission Decision

You will receive an email notifying you when your admission decision is ready to view. The email will be sent to the email address you used to apply.

Financial Aid Information

Domestic students can view information about financial aid at the University of Notre Dame.