Students with Disabilities

Notre Dame Wheelchair Accessibility

Sara Bea Accessibility Services at the University of Notre Dame coordinates the process by which qualified students with disabilities can request and receive reasonable accommodations. Reasonable accommodations provide an equal opportunity for success by reducing or eliminating the barriers that may be caused by the interaction of a disability and a traditional academic environment.

The office does not provide treatment or teach students how to minimize the impact of their disability. Instead, reasonable modifications are made to a course, program, or facility to allow the same access as experienced by students without disabilities. An accommodation is considered reasonable only if it does not significantly alter the essential components of a course or program.

Academic accommodations fall into four categories:

  • Testing Accommodations
  • Auxiliary Aids and Services
  • Non-academic Accommodations
  • Academic Adjustments

You can find out more about each category, learn how to register with Sara Bea Accessibility Service, and request accommodations by contacting Sara Bea Accessibility Services within the Center for Student Support and Care.