Applying Through QuestBridge

The University of Notre Dame is proud to partner with QuestBridge, a nonprofit organization that matches high-achieving, low-income students with scholarships and educational opportunities at over 40 selective colleges and universities across the country. 

Notre Dame is dedicated to providing qualified students with a diverse array of backgrounds, talents, and interests the opportunity for an unparalleled educational experience. If you are a high school senior who has demonstrated outstanding academic ability despite financial challenges, consider applying via QuestBridge. 

Students can either apply to Notre Dame through the QuestBridge National College Match or through the QuestBridge Regular Decision process.

Notre Dame will receive the QuestBridge application and related documents for QuestBridge Finalists who choose to apply. For a list of other required materials that are due by November 1 (for National College Match candidates) or January 3 (for Regular Decision candidates), please visit Notre Dame’s Application Requirements page of the QuestBridge website. 

Please note that there is no application fee to apply to Notre Dame through QuestBridge, and QuestBridge applicants are not required to submit the Common Application or Coalition Application.

Notre Dame QuestBridge Supplement (required)

The Notre Dame QuestBridge Supplement will be accessible in your applicant status portal upon our receipt of your QuestBridge application. All QuestBridge applicants will be asked to respond to one of the the following questions in approximately 150 words:
Notre Dame fosters an undergraduate experience dedicated to the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of each individual, characterized by a collective sense of care for every person. How do you foster service to others in your community?

What is distinctive about your personal experiences and development (eg, family support, culture, disability, personal background, community, etc)? Why are these experiences important to you and how will you enrich the Notre Dame community?

Describe a time when you advocated for something you believed in and influenced others through thoughtful discourse to promote a deeper understanding of a difficult situation.

Questions about the QuestBridge process?

  • Visit the QuestBridge website to learn about the process and important dates and deadlines for applying to the National College Match. 

  • Check out our QuestBridge FAQs for more information about applying to Notre Dame through QuestBridge.

If you have questions about applying to Notre Dame through QuestBridge that aren’t answered in the FAQs, please direct your questions to the admissions office.

Questbridge Overview

VIDEO: The QuestBridge National College Match Explained

ND QuestBridge Community

When you enroll at Notre Dame, you join a community of students with diverse backgrounds and interests. Here, you'll find the support you need to explore your passions and flourish academically, socially, and spiritually.

JackielomeliJackie Lomeli '22
Dallas, TX
Aerospace Engineering

I applied to schools through QuestBridge because of the commitment the partner schools have in ensuring a quality education to students who cannot afford it. The larger community of QuestBridge students, not just those at Notre Dame, appealed to me because of the support system available.   

JosephnwaneboJoseph Nwanebo '20
Milwaukee, WI
IT Management, Linguistics minor

Being admitted to Notre Dame as a QuestBridge student has allowed me to join an amazing community of people from which I have learned a lot and from which I will continue learning more. There are so many people who don’t reach their full potential not for lack of ability or effort, but because of a lack of opportunity. QuestBridge stands as that link between capability and opportunity. I feel myself growing into the person I know I can be thanks in part to the opportunities QuestBridge has awarded to me.

Emily200Emily de Araujo Snider '14
Troy, MI 
Mechanical Engineering and Psychology
Account Manager, Magna International

When my guidance counselor described the QuestBridge program, it seemed too good to be true. Applying to schools was hard, especially with the heavy weight of financial concerns and having no idea where to begin. QuestBridge helped me through the application process and showed me the schools that were willing to work with students with a hope for higher education but with serious financial concerns. It was amazing to see the list of schools that were on the list making the statement that, if we were accepted, we wouldn’t have to worry about how we could afford cost of attendance.