QuestBridge Information

Visit the QuestBridge website to learn more about the organization and the National College Match process.

Understanding Financial Aid 

Notre Dame is committed to need-blind admission and meeting 100 percent of every student's demonstrated financial need. What does that mean for you? Check out these financial aid definitions, which include terms that will help you understand the financial aid process. 

Campus Resources 

Notre Dame is home to a number of offices and programs that support students' education and well-being while they're here.

Office of Student Enrichment

This office provides support, social enrichment, and growth opportunities for high-achieving and under-resourced students. 

Multicultural Student Programs and Services 

Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS) offers students access to a wide range of programming that celebrates difference, explores multicultural education, and supports the needs of underrepresented populations. 

Gender Relations Center 

Student affairs professionals in the Gender Relations Center (GRC) offer programming centered on healthy relationships, gender, and sexuality consistent with the Catholic character of the University. Located on the third floor of LaFortune Student Center, the GRC provides a resource space for all students to use. 

Residential Life

Residence halls are students' homes while they're on campus and hall staff work to provide a supportive community in which every student feels included. Each hall has a rector, assistant rectors such as live-in faculty and in-residence priests, and residents assistants, all of whom serve as resources to our students.  

McDonald Center for Student Well-Being

Also known as "McWell" on campus, this center offers resources that support students' emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, environmental, and spiritual well-being. 

University Counseling Center 

This center provides confidential short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and consultation and outreach services to students and others in the Notre Dame community. 

Care and Wellness Consultants 

Care and Wellness Consultants provide early intervention in a principled way to support members of the Notre Dame community who are experiencing stressful or difficult situations.

University Health Services 

University Health Services (UHS) offers primary care services, an on-site pharmacy, physical therapy, allergy injections, and a variety of other health services. 

Campus Ministry

In addition to programming and worship services, Campus Ministry offers one-on-one support to students of all faiths.