Emily LaPlaca

Emily LaPlaca
Senior Regional Admissions Counselor

  • New Jersey
  • Nanjing and Western China, Mongolia

Hometown: Cut Off, LA

Alma mater and major: University of Notre Dame, Science Pre-Professional Studies and Psychology; The University of Texas at Austin, M.Ed.

Favorite place on campus: The front "perch" of Haggar Hall--this was my favorite study spot when I was a student and it has a great view of North Quad.

South Bend recommendation: Howard Park for a bite to eat, a great park, and an ice skating trail in the winter!

Advice to Applicants:
College applications often feel like homework or extra work— from extracurriculars to writing supplements and everything in between. Rather than viewing them as a chore, try reframing them as opportunities to learn more about your goals for college and beyond. Try activities to test out new passions! Reflect in your essays and short answers on what matters to you! This will produce more authentic application materials and (most importantly) allow you to use your time more intentionally.