Financial Peace of Mind

We meet 100% of every student's demonstrated financial need.

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There are few things as valuable as a Notre Dame education.

What other investment yields incredible intellectual growth, the opportunity to serve, study abroad, and conduct research, and a student life experience that will produce your best friends and some of your most enduring memories?

$36.3million in need-based aid for first-year class.

$2million in merit-based aid for first-year class

$140million in total need-based scholarship assistance

$38,900median amount of University scholarship offered to first-year students who demonstrated financial need.

$3,800average first-year need-based loan.

Average Cost of Attendance for 2019-2020

Tuition and Fees $55,553
Room and Meals1 $15,640
Books and Supplies $1,050
Personal Expenses $1,200
Transportation2 $750
Total Cost $74,193

1Typical residence hall accommodations provide for housing with one or more roommates. The current cost of a single room (no roommate) is approximately $500 more annually.

2Because of its national student body traditionally enrolled at the University, the transportation allowance will generally range currently from a minimum of $500 to about $1,000 with $750 representing the approximate midpoint.

In addition to the direct costs, each student should plan for the cost of books, supplies, transportation, and personal expenses. Annual increases should be anticipated.

Student Stories

What They Say

A Notre Dame education is an incredibly valuable investment - and not simply because of the quality, rigor, and access of the education you'll receive.

I'm lucky enough to have a job as soon as I graduate. I'll be able to pay off my student loans fairly rapidly, which is something that I'm very relieved about.

Heather Eaton

Heather Eaton '14

Management Consulting, Anthropology and Studio Minors

It's not only the academics that one comes to know Notre Dame for; it's really a full education where one is educating not only the mind, but the body and the soul and realizing that there's a lot more than the books that one gains from an education here at Notre Dame.

Juan Rangel

Juan Rangel '15

Political Science and Latino Studies

Our decision to invest in a Notre Dame education [makes] my family and me just smile knowing that it's one of the best decisions we've ever made. It's something you just pat yourself on the back and go like, yeah, great decision.

JesusisLord Nwadiuko

JesusisLord Nwadiuko '17


My family has made a financial commitment to send me here, but the value is indescribable now, and I'm sure that it will only grow in the future.

Lesley Sevenson

Lesley Sevenson '16

Film, Television and Theatre, Journalism Minor