Gateway Students at ND Football Game

In 2013, the University of Notre Dame, in collaboration with Holy Cross College, created the Gateway Program. The program invites select students to enroll at Holy Cross College (Notre Dame, Indiana) for their first year of college with a guaranteed transfer agreement to Notre Dame for the start of the student’s sophomore year.

Each semester, Gateway students take a coordinated program of honors courses at Holy Cross, which have been specifically designed to complete Notre Dame’s First Year of Studies curriculum, and one course at Notre Dame, which will be selected in consultation with the Director of Academic Advising at Holy Cross and an Academic Advisor in Notre Dame's First Year of Studies.

Gateway students are guaranteed transfer admission following completion of their first year, as long as their cumulative GPA is 3.5 or higher, and all grades are a B or higher, and they are in good standing with both institutions.

Gateway Students Run

Engaging in both the Notre Dame and Holy Cross communities truly gives Gateway students a four-year collegiate experience. Our Gateway students share a special bond and they are proud to be in the program. Taking full advantage of the many clubs and activities on both campuses allows them to enjoy their first year at Holy Cross and be fully prepared for a seamless transition to Notre Dame.

As you consider this invitation, we strongly encourage you and your family to visit both campuses in order to meet with program administrators, current Gateway students as well as students who previously participated in the program and are current Notre Dame students.