Each semester, students will take courses at both Holy Cross and Notre Dame. They will work with the Gateway Program Coordinator at Holy Cross to select their courses at both institutions. At both Holy Cross and Notre Dame throughout the year, students have the flexibility of choosing courses that will transfer to Notre Dame in one of the following ways: for application toward one's intended Major, to fulfill a college requirement, to fulfill Core Curriculum requirements, or to be used as an exploratory elective.

At Holy Cross:
Students will choose eight courses to be completed throughout the year at Holy Cross. They may choose from a select list in each of the following areas: Art, History, Literature, Math, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Spanish, Theology, and Writing & Rhetoric.

At Notre Dame:
Students will choose one course each semester at Notre Dame. Options for these courses may be viewed here. In addition, students will take two semesters of the one-credit Moreau First Year Experience course to fulfill Notre Dame's first-year requirement.

Guaranteed transfer admission requires that all grades be a B or better with a final cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. At the end of the spring semester of the student’s first year, the grades for both semesters will be reviewed along with a personal assessment on the student’s residential and social record. Provided the student is in good standing regarding academic performance and did not have any student conduct code violations, the student will be informed by the end of May of their admission to Notre Dame.