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Users of the Admissions Outreach Academy Portal have been identified by each college or school, based on roles or responsibilities in undergraduate studies, to assist in personal outreach to admitted students. Your initiative in conveying the academic strengths and undergraduate opportunities, along with the sincerity of a personal welcome will instill confidence as admitted students consider Notre Dame.


On an annual basis, the portal will open approximately 48 hours following the release of Restrictive Early Action decisions in late December. Regular Decision admitted students will be available in the portal approximately 48 hours after decision release in late March. The portal will become inactive on May 1. 

Reference Manuals 

User Access - College Level - Typical for school/college-wide administrators
User Access - Major Level - Typical for departmental users

Helpful Information

While we know your conversations will be focused on your academic area, we are providing you with guidance on some of the most frequently asked questions posed by students and their families. 

Admitted Student Website

The Welcome Home Website for Admitted Students contains answers to many of the admissions-related questions that students have, including when they need to confirm their place in the class and the timeline leading up to the beginning of classes. The website also contains admitted student FAQs on general questions and financial aid questions

Financial Aid Questions

If a student shares they have concerns about financial aid or questions about their financial aid notification, please submit a note in the Outreach section of the student details page of the portal and check the “Send Comments to Admissions/FinAid” box. An admissions counselor will receive that note, and will pass it along to the appropriate financial aid representative. We do not expect you to be a financial aid expert, and would rather you pass those comments on to our staff. General information can be found on the Office of Financial Aid website.

Merit Scholarships

The Notre Dame Scholars' Program selects prospective first-year students to receive merit-based scholarship awards based on their highly competitive academic records, demonstrated leadership, and service to their communities. Merit notifications will be reflected on the portal in early April. For a list of awards and selection timeline, please see the Notre Dame Scholars’ Program web page. Questions related to merit scholarships may be directed to Dr. Erin Klawitter in the Notre Dame Scholars’ Program Office. 


Notre Dame has partnered with QuestBridge, a non-profit which connects the nation’s most exceptional, low-income youth with leading colleges and opportunities. Students are admitted through the Match process, or through the regular admissions process. Students who have matched receive a binding admission in Restrictive Early Action, and are offered a full four-year scholarship. Admitted students who are not matched apply in the Regular Decision period and their admission is non-binding. These are typically students that we work hard to recruit. 

Campus Visits on Hold

At this point, we are unable to welcome admitted students and their families to campus until at least late May. We have many virtual options available, including some academic programming, as well as the opportunity to interact with current students. Information can be found on our virtual events for admitted students page.

Resource Links

First Year of Studies
Notre Dame Scholars’ Program
Office of Financial Aid
Office of Multicultural Programs and Services
Office of Student Enrichment
Residential Life
Welcome Home Website for Admitted Students

Tips for Getting Started

Bookmark the portal log-in page

If you have more than one person in your department or college who will be reaching out to students, make sure that you establish a game plan for your outreach. 

While not necessary, the portal does allow you to assign yourself or others individual students to contact. For some departments, this may be a helpful way to divide the outreach efforts. Note that assignees will not have a view into who has assigned them a student, so it is best practice to alert colleagues if you will be assigning them students.  

Remember to log your interactions with students by adding your comments to the Outreach Activity section of the student details page. This will signal to other users in your department or college that the student has already been contacted. 

You may alert the admitted student’s admissions counselor of any interaction that may need follow up by checking the “Send Comments to Admissions/FinAid” box in the outreach section of the student page and submitting the note.  

If your outreach efforts require you to add additional departmental users, you may do so within the portal. You may also terminate your access if your responsibilities change. 


Contact Mirella Riley, Director of Academic Recruitment at 574-631-1751 or