FAQs - Admissions

COVID-19 Related Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

How is my housing assignment determined and who will be my roommate(s)?

Incoming first-year room assignments are randomly generated by computer; therefore, both the residence hall and roommate are assigned in a random process. We will not honor requests for special housing arrangements unless there is a medical need that requires an accommodation. This process helps to accomplish social and geographic diversification within all the residence halls and is central to our residential tradition.

When can I move in?

Details about the staged return of students and welcome activities for new students will be shared as they are finalized, with an update provided no later than June 15, 2020 by the Office of Student Affairs

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Can I have a car on campus?

First-year students who completed their first semester in good standing are eligible to purchase a parking pass following Christmas Break and continue their parking privileges throughout their time at the University. All vehicles must be registered with Notre Dame Police Department (NDPD).

What is the best way to travel to campus?

Traveling to campus is fairly easy and there are a variety of options available. More information may be found here.

Can I ship items to my residence hall ahead of time?

If you are having items shipped, make sure they are scheduled to arrive AFTER you check in. There is no secure area to store packages or shipments that arrive prior to the beginning of the year.

If you are shipping UPS, they may be willing to hold the packages for you at the UPS distribution center located near the South Bend International Airport.

Why am I in the first-year program as an entering student?

All students are admitted into the University's first-year program and not directly into any of our degree-granting colleges. Successful completion of first-year academic requirements is necessary for a student to initially move into one of the colleges as a sophomore.

Starting college is a major milestone in life, a transition that is more than "going to school." That's why all Notre Dame first-year students are assigned a full-time academic advisor who provides both academic and personal support to help them as they take on the challenge of becoming a successful college student.

Although you may feel you have a well-defined idea of what your four years at Notre Dame will be like, we have many options and opportunities that you may not have considered. Your first-year advisor will help you connect your purpose and passions to the wide variety of outstanding resources at Notre Dame.

How will my first-year advisor help me?

Your first-year advisor will work closely with you to ensure that you have a coherent educational plan for your four years at the University and that you are prepared to be a contributing member of our academic community. Your advisor will also help you define your aspirations and values and mentor you as you use your skills and abilities to achieve them.

A good working partnership with your first-year advisor will be a key factor in making the most of your first year at Notre Dame. Watch closely for and respond promptly to communications from your advisor and the first-year program.

What are the University core requirements?

Central to the undergraduate education at the Notre Dame is the core curriculum, a set of requirements that apply to all students, regardless of major. These requirements are designed to help students develop a wide range of intellectual capacities. Learn more here

How do I get credit for Advanced Placement?

The amount of AP credit that a student can receive depends on the program and major selected. You should talk with your first-year advisor to determine your applicable AP credit. While students can no longer use AP credit to satisfy a University core curriculum requirement, Notre Dame will continue to accept the current set of AP exams for credit on the transcript. AP credit can also be used for placement into higher-level courses and to satisfy some college/school/major requirements. Read more here.

How do I pay tuition, room, and meals?

Your IRISHPAY account will allow you to see your tuition statement. You will be able to use your bank or other methods to make payments. For more information visit Student Accounts. 

How do I establish my Notre Dame email account?

You will receive account activation information in the summer.

Do I need to bring a laptop computer with me?

The Office of Information Technologies offers detailed information about computers. You may also call the OIT Help Desk with any questions you may have at (574) 631-8111.

What kind of healthcare insurance do I need?

Health insurance for undergraduates is encouraged but not mandated; however, international students must be covered by a health insurance plan. Many undergraduate students are covered under their parents' health plan. The University does offer the option of purchasing student health insurance

If I am a student with a disability what resources are available to assist me?

To become eligible for accommodations, a student must register with Sara Bea Disability Services by providing recent documentation of their disability. Registered students are responsible for requesting accommodations each semester. For more information, please visit Sara Bea Disability Services.

What type of clothing will I need during the fall and winter seasons?

You will need a warm coat, hat, gloves, and boots. To assist you in choosing items to bring to campus, please see our suggested What To Bring To Campus

How do I get a job on campus?

The online JOBboard is a great place to begin your search for employment opportunities. The JOBboard is updated as new positions become available. If you are interested in working for a particular department and do not see a position listed, please feel free to contact that department directly to inquire about possible employment opportunities.

Can I bring a bike to campus?

Yes. All bicycles must be registered with Notre Dame Police Department (NDPD) and display the tag visibly on the bike. Registration is free and can be completed in person with your bicycle at Hammes Mowbray Hall, or at one of several registration events held throughout the year.

How do I get football tickets? Can my parents get tickets as well?

As a Notre Dame student, you have the opportunity to purchase season tickets. Parents of current students will have the opportunity to participate in the parent game ticket lottery. The Athletics Ticket Office will send you information about obtaining tickets in early summer.