Business Major Policy

For Students Approved for Entry into the Mendoza College of Business

Due to increased enrollment in the Mendoza College of Business, it is necessary for the University to limit the number of students enrolled in the college. As a result, at the time of admission, we are identifying a limited number of students for whom enrollment in the Mendoza College of Business at the start of the sophomore year is assured. If selected for this option, this message will be clear in your admission letter. 

Your assured enrollment in the Mendoza College of Business provides the opportunity to select one of the majors in that college.

If you have been approved for enrollment in the Mendoza College of Business, please understand that you are not required to continue your studies in that college. At the end of your first year at Notre Dame, you will be free to continue into Mendoza or to select an intended major in another area at the University assuming that you have successfully completed the course requirements for your new college. Your first-year advisor will work with you as you discern your academic interests, select coursework, and meet requirements for continuing into business or choosing a different area of study as a sophomore.


For Students Intending Majors in the College of Arts and Letters, the College of Engineering, the College of Science, or the School of Architecture


We expect that a limited number of spots in the Mendoza class will be available to sophomores, who must successfully compete for those positions via an "internal transfer" process. That process will require an additional application during your first year at Notre Dame. During this application process, Mendoza will review your first year academic performance; your current extracurricular activities on campus; and an essay expressing your interest in pursuing a business degree. More information can be found here