Alfredo Huete

Alfredo Huete
Class of 2026
  • Major(s): Accounting, Economics
  • Hometown: Miami, Florida

Alfredo is a sophomore from Miami, Florida, double majoring in accounting and economics.

On campus, Alfredo lives in Duncan Hall, located on the southwest corner of campus. When asked about Duncan Hall, he says, “The dorm stays true to its motto of ‘Community, Brotherhood, Respect,’ as everyone I’ve encountered here are some of the best and most thoughtful people I’ve met. It’s people like that who make Duncan’s community so fun and special.”

His favorite ND tradition is parking lot tailgates as he feels they, “best highlight the excitement and passion of the Notre Dame community.”

In addition to working with admissions, Alfredo enjoys participating in Student International Business Council, Irish Consulting Connect, and the Ultimate Frisbee team. When Alfredo isn’t busy with work, he enjoys playing sports, hanging out with friends, and hammocking.

Alfredo would love to answer any questions regarding sports, work-life balance, and adjusting to life in South Bend!