Ava Hyde

Ava Hyde
Class of 2026
  • Major(s): Political Science, Japanese
  • Hometown: Bergen County, New Jersey

Ava is a sophomore from Bergen County, New Jersey majoring in political science with a supplementary major in Japanese.

On campus, she lives in Lewis Hall. When asked about Lewis, she says, “Lewis Hall is home to an incredibly inclusive, driven, fun, and supportive group of women that truly and deeply care about each other as a community. My favorite thing about Lewis is that we wear chicken suits during Welcome Weekend and other events to represent our mascot, the Lewis chicks!”

As well as working with admissions, Ava enjoys participating in ND Dance Co., engaging in advocacy within Student Government, and teaching and taking classes with Ballet Club.

In her free time, Ava loves exercising in the Lewis Gym or the Smith and hanging out with friends at LaFortune Student Center. Ava would love to answer any questions about learning a new language at Notre Dame, getting involved with the arts and/or advocacy, the ND Scholars program, or any other questions about the ND experience!